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help - advice on new pc


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rigth im after a new pc. though id ask you guys for some help as most of you have helped in the past.

have done a bit of reading about and have came to the concusion tha i need the following:

3.2 ghz (at least)

RAM 1024 (at least)

HD 250 gig (roughly)

256k graphic card - 3 port (upgradig to 3 monitiors later on)

7.1 sound card (for pc sound, will link decks up to this as well)

dvd burnner

free view card

what yous think would be the best thing to do? go to pc world and get 1 form there or get 1 cusrtom made up?

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Best to get "custom made" as that way you're not paying for expensive stuff you will never use. Also best to ask around and find someone who comes recommended. IMO PC World are a ripp off as once you have bought the computer from them they don't want to know you when it goes wrong. Its a nightmare. My friend bought one from them and despite (foolishly) paying out £300.00 extended warranty she didn't get much help when things went wrong.

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