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Judge Jules - Don Valley Stadium 13/07/01


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Hello all, need some help here. Thanks to Mark Carlyon for this submission through the website.

01. MC Rob Sonic - 'You Can Hear Me Now'

02. Windsider - 'Hidden Flight'

03. DJ Tiesto - 'Urban Train'

04. Three Drives - 'Sunset On Ibiza'

05. Angelic - 'Stay With Me'

06. R Wood & DJ Space Case - 'Blow Me Mind'

07. Cosmic Gate - 'Fire Wire (LCF Remix)'

08. Microbe - 'Xit To Nowhere'

09. Push - 'The Legacy'

10. Dirt Devils - 'The Drill

11. ID

12. ID

13. Ian Van Dahl - 'Castles In The Sky'

14. ID

Anyone remember this, have it on tape or can correct anything? Label info? It was a bizarre one since it's a Friday night yet and Jules had already given up his Friday shows earlier that year... :? I am told the BBC never produced a tracklisting, unsurprisingly.

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Doubt Dave would ever play the LCF Mix of Firewire though! :lol:, it was one of those friday night Dance Party things they were doing a difefernt place every week with dave and a a different dj each time, I've got Oakies set on tape from the Brighton beach un from 2001ish or summat.

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