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The debate on mp3 set downloading....


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Was having a browse here: http://www.whatsthedownload.com/whats_the_...down/index.aspx

and it's clear there's a lot of grey areas in the law and, depending on which country you're in, the degrees to which you can be/are punished varies enormously.

Take a look at this post from a South African DJ this time last year who had to remove his personal mixes from the website after being threatened with legal action from Gallo Records (SA):

This from a highly respected DJ and author website:

"Due to continued pressure from certain South African Record Labels and threats of legal action against Thedecks for copyright infringement, I've been forced to take down the DJ mixes that were hosted on this page. Having mixes available for download, regardless of the bitrate quality or format is a criminal offence, and the Copyright Police are taking action on all fronts.

This "copyright clampdown" is part of the same initiative designed to strike fear into the hearts of everyday people, threatened with fines & imprisonment for being caught at a road block in possession of copied (blank) CD-R's. It would seem that almost everyone is a wanted criminal, in contravention of copyright law because even by simply recording music (that you purchased legitimately!) to a cassette tape for listening to in your car, you are breaking the law. The same goes for DJ mixes, by making a DJ mix at home, and burning it to a CD you are a criminal.

By having my DJ mixes available on this website for download, I am apparently depriving artists of vast amounts of income. It is argued that for every download of a DJ mix that takes place, the artist will lose out on money from a potential CD single sale. Never mind the fact that I'm not offering the singles for download (I am offering home made DJ mixes) I am still contributing to the losses in CD single sales. How foolish of me to think that if someone really liked a song they heard in a mix of mine, they would not be content with a low-quality Real Audio DJ mix version with the song in it, they might actually want the real, unmixed, cd-quality version. Also foolish of me to think that perhaps by exposing people to new styles of music in my mixes, they might seek out similar styles of music next time they're browsing in a cd store...

No, apparently it is websites like this, and DJ's giving in demo mixes to club owners (also illegal, by the way) that is the cause of the decline of music sales. My opinion is that this mentality is going to kill the music in the long run. Do you really believe that by shutting down the DJ mixes section of my website it is going to increase sales in CD singles? I find that notion rather amusing, but of course legal battles are never fun, especially when I'm not deriving any income from this website... So I've complied with the threats of big brother.

If if you have something to say on this matter, feel free to click here [link disabled] and send an email to a label manager of a Record Company responsible for the dissappearance of the DJ mixes on Thedecks."

Source: http://www.homeofchat.com/vB/showthread.php?t=33631

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Anjunabeats say this:

"1. It is illegal to distribute/download mixtapes on the internet that contain songs that are copyrighted. Websites like BBC Radio1 have a PRS license that means that for every download the creators of the music featured get compensated for the listens. If these mixes get distribute by individuals, the creators of the great music do not get what they deserve. We here at Anjunabeats have not invented the law and can not allow any illegal activity on this website.

2. We are not trying to stop budding DJs from spreading their sound, but the right means are to get exposure in clubs and radio stations that are covered by licenses to do so. This means that mean the makers of the great music they play get compensated and can make even more great music.

3. Please respect the people who make the music you love to play: after all they made it all. Find the right, legal channels to get the message across. This may make it a bit harder but if you have what it takes, the world is your oyster! "

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