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This week's purchases - week beg. 28th Nov

Max Kane

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Thought i'd start bein as no one else has...

Ordered from Juno.

Max Graham - I Know You're Gone (Shine Promo)

Clubbervision - Paz (Private Reality)

Ronski Speed w/Stoneface & Terminal - In Cognition /Drowning Sunlight (Euphonic)

Sam Sharp - Hoover / Craft (Reset)

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Ye its been floating around for about a year, Armin was first to play it i think, but has finally come out on Shine (Max's label)

Another one of those tunes that takes ages to come out but is so good that you dnt mind, such as Synergy - Hello Strings or Above & Beyond - No On On Earth etc.

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Some mp3s for me this week:

Freefall - 'Skydive' (Original 12" Mix + Whatadubaswell) [stress]

Alucard vs. Team 4 - 'Winter Soul' [somatic Sense Future]

Cressida - 'Certainty' [somatic Sense Future]

The Thrillseekers - 'Synaesthesia' (1998 En-motion Remix) [Adjusted]

Emergy & Kirsch - 'Lose Yourself' (Will Holland Remix) [Enhanced]

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just bough me first records in months,

jam x & leon - 9 guys no weapons

solid globe - black wood

David West - 'Larry Mountains 54'

Kobaya - 'Nucleo'

anon - volume one

dht - listin to your heart

organ donnars - turntablism

wasnt David West - 'Larry Mountains 54' but play it loder instead

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