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Best Jules Ibiza R1 Essential Mix


Which is Jules best Essential Mix in your opinion  

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My favourite was the 'Retrospective' mix from 2001 (it isn't in the list above). It was something different from Jules - and his mixing and tune selection was spot on (as it was back then).

Latour - 'Blue' (White Label)

Scotti Deep - 'Brooklyn Beats' (White Label)

Nalin and Kane - 'Beachball' (FFrr)

Katana - 'Erotomania' (White Label)

Fye - 'I'm Not The Man I Used To Be' (White Label)

Jam and Spoon - 'Stella' (White Label)

Leftfield and Lyden - 'Open Up' (Hard Hands)

Transformer Z - 'Just Can't Get Enough' (White Label)

Lustral - 'Everytime' (Hooj Choons)

BBE - '7 Days and 1 Week' (Positiva)

Vernon's Wonderland - 'Vernon's Wonderland' (White Label)

Mory Kante - 'Yeke Yeke' (FFrr)

Hardfloor - 'Acperience' (White Label)

Thomas Bangalter - 'Traxxon Da Roxx 2' (Roule)

Fatboy Slim - 'Everybody Loves' (Skint)

Bug Khan - 'Made In 2 Minutes' (White Label)

Rozzo - 'Into Your Heart' (White Label)

DJ Hell - 'My Definition' (White Label)

Disco Citizens - 'Footprint' (White Label)

Golden Girls - 'Kinetic' (Distinctive)

Petra and Co. - 'Just Let Go' (White Label)

Subliminal Cuts - 'Le Voie Le Soleil' (White Label)

Hole In One - 'Hole In One' (White Label)

Klatsch - 'God Save The Queen' (White Label)

Apart from that, I always felt that Jules's 'Essential Mixes' weren't as strong as some of his live club sets that used to be broadcast on Radio 1. My favourite overall mix from Jules is his set from Sundissentials 3rd Birthday.

01. Flickman - The Sound Of Bamboo [i Am]

02. Hi-Gate - Caned And Unable

03. Charlie Hall - World Downfall Part 1 [Fuse]

04. Perpetual Motion - Keep On Dancing [Positiva]

05. Apache - Starfighter (Hi-Gate Remix)

06. Hi-Gate - Pitchin Original

07. Twice As Nice - Cutting Edge

08. Toca - Miracle

09. Toca - Toca's Miracle

10. Fridge - Angel

11. GD - Choral Reef

12. Armin - Communication

13. Space Brothers - Shine (Commie Remix)

14. X Pact - Delirious [X Trax]

15. Mario Pui - Communication [incentive]

16. Yomanda - Sun Shine

17. Beatbox - Dial M For Mogwai [Kosmo]

18. Spolied And Zigo - More And More

19. Singles And Angles - Submerge

20. Electronic Boutique - Revelation

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1998 for me as well. ties in with only just having discovered jules' sound (slinky's 1st birthday set in april 1998), and my first trip to ibiza a few weeks later.

it pretty much sums up my holiday really as that tape got seriously overplayed! lol

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