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Tune of the Year?


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We're now into December, so I guess its time to start thinking about this one.

For me I think its Karl G's remix of Speed Of Sound, but also-rans are Perasma - Swing to Harmony (Deserves an Effort Vocal mix), Luke Terry - Broken Promise (Vascotia Mix), Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dreams (Orignal mix), and Sunblind - Believe (Arc in the Sky Dub)

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It has been a very good year yet again IMO for the trance scene. A lot of producers up and coming and a lot of decent evolved tunage :)

I would really need to take a look at my archive to make a choice.

Randy Katana has come along nicely, Jan Loper and Jules to an extent.

At present Signalrunners spring to mind - 3000 Miles :D

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was thinking of this the other night, about a chon for 12 o clock on NYE

moby - raingin again

dj jose - stepping to the beat

model - beach ball

cold play - speed of sound (karl g)

york - ice flowers

corburn - we interrupt this programme

deep dish - say hello

madona - hung up

keep me running and with out love are up there for me, but not out yet! grrrrr

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Some contenders in my humble opinion...

Hammer & Bennett - Language (santiago Nino Tech Dub Edit)

Armin w/ Gabriel & Dresden - Zocolo

Eye Wall - Bad Deal (Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remix)

Pulser - Point of Impact

MIKE - Massive Motion

If i had to go with one i would probs go with Hammer & Bennet though, loved that tune for ages now.

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