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Jules 30/09/11


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01. Ferry Corsten - 'Check It Out' (Bassjackers Remix) [Flashover]

02. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso V Edx - 'Calling Out Of Love' (Faruk Sabinci Mash Up)[]

03. Burns - Iced Out (Calvin Harris Remix) [Fly Eye Records]

04. JJoy - 'King Of The Night' (Slink Remix) []

05. Basto! - 'Again And Again' []

06. Sander van Doorn - 'Drink To Get Drunk' [Doorn Records]

07. Hanski - The March

DJ En Route: Mark Knight

08. Kyau & Albert - 'Megashira' (Ronski Speed Remix) [Euphonic]

09. Heatbeat - 'Roses Never Cry' [soundpiercing]

10. Heatbeat - 'Chinpokomon' [soundpiercing]

11. Ernesto vs. Bastian - 'Dark Side Of The Moon' (Marc Simz Remix) [High Contrast]

12. Prayag & Rishab - 'Roshni' (Dave Schiemann Remix) [black Hole]


13. Ferry Corsten vs Tiesto & Hardwell - 'Feel It Zero' (Digital X Mash Up) []

Tried & Tested

14. W&W & Mark Sixma - 'Twist' (Rick Mitchells & Bas Van Essen Remix)

15. Headstrong feat Shelley - 'Unknown' []

16. Nitrous Oxide - 'iPeople' [Anjunabeats]

DJ Relay

17. DJ Fresh DJ Fresh - 'Louder' (Hardwell Remix)[]

18. Aly & Fila feat Jwaydan - 'We Control The Sunlight' []

The Classic

19. Rob Dougan - 'Clubbed To Death' [Cheeky]

The Big Room Mix

20. Boxer - 'Sani' []

21. Urry Fefelove & Abramasi - 'Eivissa' (Second Way Remix) []

22. Andy Tau - 'Falling 2011' []

23. Super 8 & Tab Ft Jan Burton - 'Mercy' (Alex Kunnari Mix) [Anjunabeats]

24. Ben Gold & Jonas Stenberg - 'Day Break'[]

25. Dakota - 'Chinook' (Darbruck & Klein Vs De Leon & Gum Remix) [Coldharbour]

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Yet another really poor show.

Im pretty much tired of the modern scene now, theres just no variety anymore. Every trance track sounds the same, no matter whether its electro trance crap or legit euphoric trance. Jules used to play such an eclectic mix of styles but now for the past few years its just all the typical rubbish false trance artists and piss poor electro crap.

Lucky weve still got the memories and recordings of when jules was pure class :)

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The main problem I have is that Jules, more than almost anyone else in the world, used to be a "go to guy" for new producers who made standout trance and house music.

Now he seems to get second hand promo material from the big labels and is the "go to guy" only for bootlegs!

He has the ability to support up and comers (such as the excellent Mr Bradley from this board) but too often plays re-hashed classics and cheesy mashups instead.

The scene looks to forebearers like Jules to unearth the talented new producers who can still make proper trance but he seems to ignore them in favour of bandwagon jumping and bowing to the commercial masses :(

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thanks tom :D much appreciated yeah i do agree somewhat there is a certain style and sound you have to produce these days ive been doing alot of my stuff at 135bpm now as alot of djs won't play it if you go higher i'm still trying to keep the banging trance sound in though as the electro style tech tunes these days sound too boring in my eyes and not very uplifting the kicks ppl are using dont have much low end on them either its mainly all mid and high end they use the dirty basses to fill out the low end which is fair enough but you cant beat the pumping kicks :D i really appreciate jules supporting my stuff though its great also should have an album out hopefully april going to be working hard on that from now till then

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