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Cd Single collector's here?


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Hi guys, im big into collecting CD singles, i have been buying them ever since i first had pocket money to spend, around 1992-1993. Currently i have over 1500 trance & house singles.

There's still a large amount i'm still looking for, they are mainly imports especially from australia. If anyone here has any of these from my wantlist for sale hit me up, as some people like to rip them then sell them on.

These are my most wanted:

Miss Peppermint - Let Me Hear The DJ (Kingsize)

Travel - Bulgarian (Addiction)

Cascade - Transcend (Hook)

Trouser Enthusiasts - Sweet Release (Central Station)

Franchino - 999 (Absolute Sound)

Escort Agency - Strictly High (POW!)

Systematic Parts - Violin De La Nuit (Kingsize)

Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Ultraviolet)

Plasma Feat. Berri - Do U Believe? (Wonderboy)

Tekara - Breathe In You (Underground Music Australia)

SuReaL - Always n My Mind (AM:PM)

Olmec Heads - Spiritualized (Bang On)

Lovechild - Liberta (Bang On)

Petra & Co - Just Let Go (Lifting Cars)

Red Light District - Did You Hear Me? (EMI)

Signum - Coming On Strong (Jinx)

For my full wantlist, check the link in my signature :)

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From the wants list I have (on CD):

Matt Darey presents Mash Up "Liberation" but it's the Incentive release (Ferry's vocal mix is only an edit)

Tall Paul vs INXS "Precious Heart" (again not the Bang On! release though - forget which label but it's does have the full length original)

Major League Wonder "Wonder/Wonder (Where You Are)"

Ascension "Someone" [Code Blue]

Olav Basoski "Opium Scumbagz/Windjammer Landing" [Defected]

Dave Aude "I Can't Wait" [Duty Free]

Matt Darey & Marcela Woods "Voice of An Angel" [incentive]

Mystery "The Mystery" [inferno]

Gouryella "Ligaya" (I have the Code Blue release though)

Yomanda "Synth & Strings" [Manifesto]

Sister Bliss "Deliver Me" [Multiply]

Gouryella "Walhalla" (Code Blue release though)

Freefall ft Jan Johnston "Skydive" [Renaissance]

Musique vs U2 'New Years Dub" [serious"]

Rank1 "Airwave" [Manifesto]

Without meaning to be a tease of any kind though - I couldn't possibly sell any of them.

Have a few bits on vinyl too which are on there but again I don't want to part with my collection - the relative value just doesn't justify selling them anymore

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Thanks guys, indeed the value of the cds is next to nothing these days.

I am only after the specific releases, i have all the uk ones of everything but sadly certain mixes are omitted / edited on uk singles so i have to track down the imports :)

Depending on the cd im after, i can pay a nice price, for example if someone has Travel, Lovechild or Olmec Heads i need above i would pay up to £20 each as im in desperate need of them.

With the precious heart, im after the Riva remix which is only on the aus version. Also, i have trouble locating a copy of Mystery - The Mystery as it doenst have a very good title for searches.

I collect full label discographies of some of my favourites like Multiply, Manifesto, Positiva, Wonderboy, Inferno etc...and im pretty close to completing a couple of them.

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