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Your favourite Jules production


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Eaxctly as it says on the tin. With Jules moving retiring from Radio 1, plus having a 2nd job as a lawyer, it's probably likely that the productions will stop/be reduced too - so which of Jules's productions are your favourites? (Solo projects or collaborations welcome) Original mixes only though - not other artists remixes of Jules tunes (ie, The Green Martian remix of The Oboe Song is not allowed because, well, its by Green Martian):

Mine are, In this order:

1. Hi-Gate - Gonna Work It Out

2. Yomanda - On The Level

3. Hi-Gate - D-Tune (Earplugs)

4. Hi-Gate - Pitchin'

5. Saxuality

6. Hurricane

7. Caned & Unable

8. VPL - In The Park

9. Judge Jules - Requiem For Rascals


Nappy Hardcore - The Laugh

Hi-Gate - Voices

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"Caned & Unable" for me, I actually liked the version of "Voices" without the vocals (I was like 13 or something when it came out though so forgve me!)

Hate to say it but I never really liked anything he put out under his own name

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Caned and Unable for me too (the fact that I still like that after Jules playing it for about two years straight says a lot!). I liked Voices too myself actually. Quite liked Hi-Gate You and Me for some reason too, though it didn't really take off. D-Tune Earplugs is a great shout. I had a techno-y tune Portamantal Passout or something he did as well I quite liked (which also never was very popular, but I liked it).

I liked On The Level too, but always thought it was a really lazy production. It's basically the Yomanda mix of Gibson Bros, Que Sera, with a different bass-line. Exact same riff, lay-out, everything.

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Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix)

Hi-Gate - 'To Lunch!'

Hi-Gate - 'Martha Artha' (played in Durham Uni set in Feb 2001)

Hi-Gate - 'Every Face' (Ethereal Mix)

Unknown - 'Powersurge'

That infamous track at the end of the Lush set in 2000....

If we include Amanda and Darren Tate as well, I would say the original mixes of the three Angelic tracks that straddled the millennium too (It's My Turn, Can't Keep Me Silent, Stay With Me) :)

By the way Jules will have lots of solo material output next year - apparently he has a backlog of stuff stored up, I suspect not entirely by accident!

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Hi-Gate - "Caned and Unable" for me too;

Judge Jules - "Without Love"

Judge Jules - "Requiem For Rascals"

Judge Jules - "Saxuality"

Judge Jules - "Laid Bare"

Judge Jules - "City Nights"

Angelic - "Stay With Me"

Judge Jules - "Judgement Theme"

VPL - "In The Park"

Judge Jules - "Keep Me Running"

Judge Jules - "Hurricane"

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Hmm, I liked most of his stuff around 2000/2001 - the list below is a rough ordering for me. I would also put the Angelic tracks in there if they count, particularly 'Cant Keep Me Silent'

Hi-Gate - D-Tune (Earplugs)

Floorgasm - 'Have A Nice Day'

Hi-Gate - Caned & Unable

The Clergy - 'Saints & Sinners'

Hi-Gate - 'Gonna Work It Out'

Hi-Gate - 'Voices'

VPL - 'T-Break'

Judge Jules - 'Laid Bare' (Orginal Mix) - never liked the 'trumpet mix'

Judge Jules - 'The Serpent'

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No particular order, but if I thought up 10:

  1. Caned and Unable - Original and Starfighter mixes...
  2. You & Me
  3. VPL - T Break
  4. Hurricane
  5. It's Showtime
  6. Keep Me Running
  7. Requiem For Rascals
  8. The Clergy - Saints and Sinners
  9. Judge Jules Remix of Brainbug - Nightmare
  10. Jules and Michale Woods - So Special

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ouch, that's a hard one imho.

In no particular order:

Hi-Gate - Gonna Work It Out

Hi-Gate - Voices (Schizophrenic Mix)

Hi-Gate - Caned & Unable (Original)

Hi-Gate - Saxuality

The Clergy - Saints and Sinners (Saints Mix)

VPL - T-Break

Hanz Zimmer - Gladiator (Jules' Infamous Gladiator rework)

Angelic - Can't Keep Me Silent

Angelic - Stay With Me

Had to include this one... I'm 99% sure it's Jules who made the bootleg with the original vocal before it was re-recorded, which as we all know, destroyed the soul of the track... I have a copy on vinyl though (), so I'm not complaining :thumbsup:

Members Of Mayday vs. Superchumbo - '10 Revolutions' [white label] http://www.discogs.com/Members-Of-Mayday-vs-Superchumbo-10-Revolutions-In-01/release/71248

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Hi-Gate - Saxuality is probably my all time favourite Jules production - an amazing track! Enjoyed pretty much all of the tunes on Hi-Gate's 'Split Personality' album in fact... The 'Proven Worldwide' album & all of the VPL tracks stand out for me also :)

Me too Mike, l love them all :thumbsup:

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