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great tunes from days of yorr


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joined up to this site because of old recordings i have of judge jules.

i have a load of the old dance parties on mini disc but they are starting to show the tales of time, love the whitley bay one with soniqe, pity it goes ovee 2 discs and i have to keep throwing the next disc in,

judge is one of the reasons i got into dance music from the begining, remember well sitting tryin to tape him on the radio, then rushing round to my mates house with the tape to play, only to find out all my mates had done the same, it started a competition to see who could make the best tape out of it all, loads of fun.

anyway, glad to be part of this now,

1970mac :twisted:

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Welcome to the board!

My Minidiscs also are showing their age - disc errors and the like - luckily we archived most of them on here.

By the way, all the Radio 1 Dance Parties you mention are available to download in the Audio Archive above...

Enjoy :)

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