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Jules' R1 show, 03/12/05


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01. Hi-Tak - 'Say Say Say' (Gusto)

02. Dennis The Menace - 'Bootleg' (White Label)

03. Soul Seekerz - 'Party For The Weekend' (White Label)

Funky Tried & Tested

04. DJ Fubar - 'I'll Be There (Baywatch Theme)' (White Label)

05. Naughty Boy - 'Phat Beach' (White Label)

06. Sunblock - 'I'll Be Ready' (Steve Mac Mix) (Universal)

07. Tom Novy - 'Take It' (Kosmo Records)

08. AJS - 'Simulate' (White Label)

09. Matteo Esse & Sant - 'The Bass Gets Move' (Phunk Investigation Mix) (White Label)

10. Tomcraft - 'Da Disco' (Kosmo Music)

11. Montana - 'Chizone' (Magik Muzik)

12. Perfect 10 - 'Pacific 202' (White Label)

Harder Tried & Tested

13. Marco V - 'Red, Blue, Purple' (In Charge)

14. TBA - 'SOS' (Sander van Doorn Remix) (White Label)

15. The Searchers - 'My Life' (White Label)

16. Above & Beyond - 'Alone Tonight' (Anjunabeats)

17. Judge Jules - 'Diversion' (White Label)

18. Brian Cross - '4 You' (Armind)

The Saturday Night Mix (30 minutes)

19. Dumonde - 'I Feel You' (White Label)

20. Airbase - 'Escape' (Fundamental)

21. Coby - 'Blue Sapphire' (White Label)

22. Coldplay - 'Fix You' (Strachan Mix) (White Label)

23. Jan Loper - 'Energie' (White Label)

24. Wave & Glider - 'Coffee' (Airmass)

25. Peetu S - '2 Scorpions '05' (White Label)

I'm sure there's some corrections in there still to be made :D

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Sunblock - 'I'll Be Ready' (Steve Mac Mix) (Universal) Heard this a few weks ago as a mate got it, laughable looping and cutting up! otherwise pile of crap.

That Echomen vs Marco V one, Initially I though Jules is a few years late with this one untill the Mrco V bits kicked in! the Echmen track is Thru 2 U (Nova Scotia's Concrete Mix).

I thought theres was a kinda distinctive 'Julesy' type track in there that must eb Jules track!, Loved the Marco V T&T, finally got into Alone Tonight too.

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perfect 10-pacific 202, what a tune, has anyone got n e info on this. in my opinion this and keep me running where the best tunes played at slinky, although all the tunes played where of the highest order. The new marco v track is also soooooo good, god too much on my list now. any info on releases would be great

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