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Like it's 1999!

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I don't understand why it's on a Sunday, but nevertheless, this could be a night to remember, so I'll start first thing tomorrow trying to get Monday 9th off and find a route that probably includes planes, traines and automobiles :mrgreen:

Anyone up for a night out?



For those who isn't on FB:

The original Crasher Kids and Insomniacz Kids are united for one night only

"Like It’s 1999".


3 Arenas. 1999 Capacity. 3 Music Styles. 1 Destination.


☆★☆ Trancemitta Arena ☆★☆

★ ☆ Jan Johnston performing LIVE (Including Skydive Freefall)

★ ☆ Judge Jules

★ ☆ M.I.K.E (Push - Universal Nation)

★ ☆ Tall Paul

★ ☆ Three Drives – (Greece 2000)

★ ☆ Craig Bird

★ ☆ Special Guest Scott Bond!!

☆★☆ Insomniacz After Hours Classics Arena ☆★☆

★ ☆ Tidy Boys

★ ☆ Anne Savage

★ ☆ Paul Janes

★ ☆ Rob Tissera

★ ☆ ilogik

★ ☆ Ingo

★ ☆ Paul Maddox

★ ☆ Nick Rafferty

★ ☆ Ian Barker

★ ☆ Funky house and club classics

★ ☆ Richard Williams

★ ☆ Steve Elliot

★ ☆ Craig Bird

★ ☆ Little Miss Natalie

★ ☆ Adam Shields

★ ☆ Mr Wood

Scott Bond :excl:

"It is with great pleasure to announce my attendance as the special guest DJ at "Like it’s 1999".

1999 was a memorable time for me, many a trance DJ and for the genre as a whole. I still get goose bumps when I hear tunes from back then and have been reviewing a lot of quality material in preparation. I am really looking forward to making a return to SHEFFIELD the city of steel.

My set will consist of carefully crafted tunage so as to recapture the essence of that era. Best of all, they will all be specifically targetted from the year 1999 to keep in with the spirit of the night!! There will be no need to listen to old mix cds or radio broadcasts in order to recollect or get a feel of what it was like back then, just simply come along and join me as I take you on a journey in to Trance ."

Video with Jules taking about the event!:


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Updated with Funky House and Club Classic DJ's
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That does look pretty cool - have heard rumours about them doing this for a while, glad it's finally coming to fruition.

April 8th is my brother's birthday (and also I think Easter Sunday - hence the choice of date) so I doubt I can make it

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