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1994-02-06 Judge Jules @ Cultural Vibes (Plymouth)


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Mark & Adrian Luv-Dup were due to play along with John Mcready. They were all coming down with a van full of loons from Manchester via Birmingham but things went a little wrong. I was doing the first hour as usual and no-one came to take over, i just kept playing & playing & playing ! No sign of Luv-Dup, no Mr Mcready, just me and way too much MDMA in my pocket. I just kept doing more and playing longer (4 hrs in total) and in the end Jules turned up to find the place going off massively and Dave Green actually frothing at the mouth, not pretty ! Anyway as you can hear after the first two records of this recording which are my last @ 12 midnight Jules chops my last record out to nothing and then after a big pause drops his fanfare intro and then we are off !

Love the fanfare start. This is amazing!

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