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Favourite male vocals tune?


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I'm thinking of doing a mix showcasing some of the best trancers over the years with male vocals.

Would you care to put forward one of your fave's and I'll see if I can collate to make a special mix?

I'll get the ball rolling and go for:

Simple Minds - Spaceface (Tomcraft Remix)



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Here's a few I really like:

Markus Schulz & Departure vs Gabriel & Dresden "Without You Near" (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

O.C. ft Nick Beman "Not Even Winds"

Keo Nozari "Close Enough" (Interstate Remix)

Kyau & Albert "Made of Sun"

Kyau & Albert "Velvet Morning" (Aalto Remix)

Boss@nova "Stone Cold"

Tiesto ft Matt Hales "UR" (Junkie XL Remix)

BT "Loving You More"

Marco V "False Light"

Josh Gabriel "Alive"

Dogzilla "Without You"

Armin "Yet Another Day"

Young Parisians ft Ben Lost "Jump The Next Train" (Probspot/Solar Stone/Kyau & Albert Remixes)

If I'm choosing on then it has to be:

Duncan Sheikh "On A High" (Gabriel & Dresden Love From Humbolt Remix)

That's off the top of my head anyway!

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Cheers Tom!

Marco V has certainly done a few good one's, yeah... False Light and his remix of 'Spark' too.

Love your selection, and, if I don't manage to fill enough of a mix up for CD, will look to use a few others :)

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Thought I'd ask Jules himself to make a welcomed suggestion and contribute to this mix. Wanted to also share this response with you :)

From: Aza

Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 10:15:19 +0000

To: Judge Jules

Subject: Your favourite male vocals tune...

Hey Jules,

Been listening to a few great male vocal trancers of late and thought I'd decide to put together a mix...

As a member over at JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk, I've also asked the member's there too and will include theirs as a contribution and tribute.

You've been a great influence to me over my DJ'ing years and so I'd thought since many of the tunes I've come to love were spun by you, I'd like to ask if you would you also pick a tune?



Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 08:02:03 +0000

Subject: Re: Your favourite male vocals tune...

From: Judge Jules

To: Aza

Hi Aza,

Above and Beyond 'Alone tonight' is definitely one of my favourite tracks ever. I love Richard Bedford's voice on everything he's done with them (much more than A&B's female vocal tracks), but this is definitely my fave.

Would love to hear the mix when you've done it.

All the best,


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The guy is undoubtedly a legend for continuing to reply to anyone who emails him.

I do have to question his choice though! "No One On Earth", "Far From In Love", "Good For Me", etc, etc, etc are all far superior than "Alone Tonight" and are all female vocals!

Still it's great that he wants to hear the mix - nice work mate ;)

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Must admit, i'm not a huge fan of vocals - but the one tune that I did like and play in my sets with male vocals was Kuffdam & Plant feat Terry Ferminal - The Ones We Loved (Original Mix).

Can't help much more than that i'm afraid - vocal tunes aren't really my department.

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Chicane feat Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up

Armin van Buuren - Yet Another Day

off the top of my head...

I do think girls sound better on records (if you need a vocal). And Jan Johnston tops that list.

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