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Jules' amusing cheesy lines


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There's no thread on here about his lines!

There was always one a the beginning of his half hour friday night mix, without fail, often dubiously linking something from current affairs :roll: My favourite line which isn't a one-liner but it's still funny was when he was asking people for their shouts

- he meant to say we wanna know "what you're doing, and who you're doing it with" in the clubs tonight but instead came out with:

"That's right, we want to know who you're doing... [long pause] ...and what you're doing it with. Or something like that anyway."

haha! :lol:

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I remember loads, notably

"A raft of roof-raising tunes to rip it up on Radio 1"

"Radio 1 on a Friday night - blistering like paint STRIPPA!"

"If you like ya beats mixed up, mashed up and generally screwed up, then here we go for 30 minutes uninterrupted in the mix."

and my person fav:

"Radio 1 supplying tunes more banging... than the Viagra Clinical Testing Programme" :D

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We may aswell pursure this thread!

"Ripping It Up like A discarded betting slip"

"A tune more talked about than where Justin Timberlake had his hand at the Brits".

"A tune more interesting that Winona Ryders shopping bag" (when she got caught shop lifting

"maximum speaker devastation and sonic penetration"

and Radio 1 on A saturday night "always dramatic, never amateur!"

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