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Current Favourite Radio Shows/Podcasts


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We are all aware of the great musical memories that Jules provided on Radio 1, especially during 1998-2002 for me personally. However, times have changed and Jules recent departure from Radio 1 means we must listen to alternative shows/podcasts.

I am curious to know what current Radio Shows or even Podcasts people tune in to on a regular basis?

I listen to "Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast" since 2008 and contuine to do so each week.

Recently I have also been listening to "Tom Bailey's Progressive Show".

I used to listen occasionally to "Armin's ASOT" but not any more as I cant stand the thrash he plays now.

Are there any other good shows/podcasts worth tuning in to?

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My own - I'm awesome ;)

Seriously thought I religously listen to Adam Beyer's "Drumcode Radio" each week and also Spektre "Mutual Respekt", Tom Hades "Rhythm Converted", Marco Bailey "Elektronic Force" and Digweed "Transitions"

Monthly wise I do enjoy Axel Karakasis "Remain Podcast", Alan Fitzpatrick "8 Sided Dice " and occasionally Spartaque "Supreme"

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I've lost interest in Trance/the dance scene in general over the past 18 months or so.

The only two podcasts I listen to now are:

Bryan Kearney - Kearnage

Indecent Noise - Radio Bosh

The other DJs that I used to like have all changed style and slowed down or switched to 'Trouse' rubbish - so I tend not to bother now.

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If Armin starts playing Slayer I'm there!

He just seem to lose his imagination with his sets, but it is definitely down to his desire to remain box-office and relevant.

The kind of music we all like/used to like is not profitable anymore so the big guys have to move away from it to make their $

Oakey played a blinder with his recent "comeback" by tapping in to that and hiring the spokespearson for "real trance" in Askew to assist him. I've not see Oakey since but his recorded sets sound very promising and the best trance music around at present

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