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MP3 search. Continues...


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Thanks MBK,

I went to Beatport and put some tunes in my basket, but then it wouldn't let me go any further to pay or login in so I went to Juno and that wouldn't let me use PayPal I don't understand, is it a problem my end or their end?? The error MSG was unclear!!

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I'm also looking for Alena - Turn it around so if anyone knows where I might find this please let me know. Even if it's just on an unmixed CD somewhere that I can look for.

And Mansun - Wide open space (trouser enthusiasts hermaphrodite circus mix)

I'm starting to get the hang of this Downloading shit.. :)

TBH I'm finding this MP3 thing and computer based music collection an absolute pain in the bum, I keep losing my music, I find it hard to get download websites to run smoothly, ripping CD's is going better for me, but really I'm showing my age and uselessness these days!!

Some tunes just aren't about as MP3's, vinyl rips are great but not played alongside digital music.

So thanks for any help and ideas in this department.. :D

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