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Tremor's June 2012 Trance Mix

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Hi Guys.. it's been a while since posting a mix here. I have trouble with sound cloud and copyright at times but this one's worked so here's my latest offering. I hope you enjoy - plenty of new summery trancers for you!


01. Audien - 'Keep This Memory' [Enhanced]

02. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge - 'World To Turn' [AVA]

03. Ashley Wallbridge - 'Zorro' [AVA]

04. Basto - 'I Rave You' [spinnin]

05. Oliver Smith - 'Progress' [Anjunabeats]

06. Emma Hewitt - 'Miss You Paridise' (Shogun Remix) [Armada]

07. Walsh & McAuley meets Slyone vs Jurrane - 'In This Light' [Touchstone]

08. Maarten De Jong - 'Messier' [Vandit]

09. Garry Heaney & Tristan D - 'Island of Dreams' [Liquid]

10. ReOrder & Stine Groove - 'Seize The Day' [Monster Tunes]

11. Stoneface & Terminal - 'Gallery of Sound' [Enhanced]

12. Andy Tau & Sean Truby - 'Rapture' (Suncatcher Remix) [infrasonic]

13. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Betsie Larkin - Toys (On Air Mix) [Vandit]

14. Nitrous Oxide & Adam Kancerski pres. Husaria - 'Poznan' [infrasonic]

*Classic Track*

15. Pulp Victim - 'The World '99 (Moonman Club Mix) [Neo]

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Cheers Aza. The issue is just that sound cloud scans your uploaded files and detects certain tracks - if it detects something and identifies it as copyrighted material it will not allow the file to be posted. For example last month I did a mix starting with Deadmau5 - Veldt - which being a bit more of a commercial track happened to flag up with their database. It was annoying because the rest of the mix was pretty underground tech-house based but I just wanted to include that track. I've also had it with a mix that included Aviici - Levels... I guess the lesson is not to use commercial tracks but it's getting cleverer and I'm sure other labels will soon pick up on it.

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