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DR030 Mark Landragin - Wasaga Beach inc. Touchstone Remix OUT NOW

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DR030 Mark Landragin - Wasaga Beach

In the coming weeks Digitized Recordings will be going into 'a release a week' mode. The label has grown somewhat over the last few months and the schedule has become a bit hectic.

So we kick this off with Mark Landragin - Wasaga Beach. Instead of long write ups on how great the tracks are, i'll get straight to the point. The Original Mix is a stomping progressive uplifter. Ashley Smith's 'Night Sky' Remix is a nice chunky trancer. Touchstone has slapped his uplifting mark on it, turning into a nice remix for the 140+ fans.


Trackitdown exclusive - OUT NOW Click link below:


Worldwide release - 20th August 2012

The track has had massive support from the following:

Andrea Mazza, Andy Mac, Ben Alonzi, Bluehawk, Bryan Summerville, Chris Cockerill, Ciro Visone, Con Phillips, Dave Gormas, Dave Horne, David McRae, Gareth Weston, Gav Pilling, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Glynn Alan, Gordon Coutts, Ian Betts, Ian Standerwick, James Dymond, Jorn van Deynhoven, Kaeno, Laura May, Les Hemstock, Magdelayna, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Winstanley, Markus Schulz, Mat Lock, Matthew Dunne, Mr Carefull, Natalie Parker, Neil Moore, Ollie Jaye, Ozzy XPM, Paul Bryne, Paul Moloney, Paul Trainer, Robert Vadney, Scott Lowe, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, System Restore, TrancEye, tranzLift plus many more.

Soundcloud links:

Original Mix:

Ashley Smith's 'Night Sky' Remix:


Touchstone Remix:

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