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DR033 Iversoon & Alex Daf - Back For More inc. Touchstone remix plus more

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DR033 Iversoon & Alex Daf - Back For More

Original Mix

Specific Slice Remix

Touchstone Remix

Rob Corbo Remix

Trackitdown Exclusive - 10th September 2012

Worldwide Release - 24th September 2012

Digitized continue the release assault with a massive package from Trance duo 'Iversoon & Alex Daf'. This duo have been making some serious waves lately with some big big tracks and support. This track is a epic and haunting pure trancer. Fantastic way to make a debut on the label.

Digitized as always supplies some quality remixes. Firstly a nice prog trance remix from Specific Slice. Then we have a huge uplifting power number from the man with the midas touch, Touchstone. Finally we have a beautiful remix from Rob Corbo with his signature trance sound.

There is something for everyone in this release, so get downloading and more importantly, get supporting.

The release has already had massive support from:

Paul Trainer, Iversoon & Alex Daf, Lazarus, Paul Pearson, Magdelayna, Kaeno, Neal Scarborough, Ian Betts, Gareth Weston, Kaeno, Function C, Mr Carefull, Barry Duffy, Ally Brown, Cliffy Burrows, Chapter XJ, Phil Metcalfe, Rav Takhar, Physical Phase, Ex-Driver, Setrise, Simon Bostock, John Gibbons, Haris C, Vicky Wood, Alan Ruddick, Karybde And Scylla, Matthew Dunne, Andy Moor, Dave Cold, Protoculture, Re-Order, Estigma, Hiddenagenda, Dean Thomas, Paul Moloney, Les Hemstock, Suzy Solar, TrancEye, Angel Ace, Bryan Summerville, Above The Clouds, Gav Pilling, Bluehawk, Space Garden, Ashley Wallbridge, Ozzy XPM, tranzLift, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andrea Mazza, Chris Cockerill, Manuel Le Saux, David McRae, Robert Vadney, Curtis & Craig, Gordon Coutts, Ciro Visone, Mark Winstanley, Dave Deen plus many more.

Soundcloud links:

Original Mix:


Specific Slice Remix:


Touchstone Remix:


Rob Corbo Remix:


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