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Anomaly - Calling Your Name (Moogwai Remix)


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One of my favourite ever 'Jules' tunes from that era. Heard it many times on old tapes, but only in recent years found out what the actual remix was. Came out on a limited edition remix edition that was released in 2000; http://www.discogs.com/Libra-Presents-Taylor-Anomaly-Calling-Your-Name-Limited-Edition-Remixes/release/333942

In more recent times, it seems the Ferry Corsten remix is the one that gets played and remembered, but is not a patch on this version, imo.

Upon searching discogs, it seems that it was never released on cd format, bar a Platipus Archive mix cd, would that be the reason it isn't available digitally? Have turned the internet upside down looking for a good quality digital version anywhere, to no avail.

Immense tune.
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I have this on vinyl mate, can rip you a cd copy if you wish?? :thumbsup:

Mate, if it's not too much bother, I'd absolutely love that! Thanks so much for the offer.

Used to love the Moogwai remixes Jules played - really nice, warm sound to them.

Not forgetting the equally brilliant 'Viola' too. Seminal tune that.

He doesn't seem to be doing anything these days. For a while I mistakenly thought he was the German dj 'Moguai', who produces nowadays. He does more housy stuff though, some of it not bad too.

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