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Judge Jules - Live @ Aberdeen, Scotland (12-29-2000)


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Alright, here is the Aberdeen set, mentioned in this and also this thread.

Grab the mp3 of it from here --NEW VERSION-- (more complete)

Be sure to check out the mentioned thread for correct tracklist untill the TL is corrected in the archives.

Enjoy & have a merry xmas!



The link to the mp3 file is now updated with a new version.. see below!

I just spliced 2 different versions together of this set... and have now a 115:15 minutes set. starting with 'Party people in da house' and ending with Westwimp's bomb... after 'Factor Y' ;)


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thanks M8....sounds alot better than the one i heard recorded through the sock! :D

got the first 3 lost tunes on tape will record soon give me a week.. whats better yousendit ore megaupload? :rolleyes:

the second one is dj elite.. :blink:

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Just out of interest, is this the full 2 hour set?

Every upload I saw was just 1 hour 45 mins or something.

I've got the full 2 hours on tape, but never got round to splicing the 2 together.

no just got the begining the 3 tunes ,,after this comes storm storm housetramp mix but dont got full 2 houers..sorry

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Nice one dude! and welcome to the board :)

i'd vote for Megaupload to be best of those 2...


You can click on the following link to download:



the second one is defently dj elite vs.green velvet that fuct camerra..on white repress ore white med 2.. :lol:

but no 1 ore 3 i dont vave a clue.?. :unsure:


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