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Tape from under the bed: Jules 03/09/99


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Found this tape whilst moving some furniture, loads of stuff I'd forgotten on there, including this half hour mix from a Friday:


10:30pm - 11:00pm

1. Orson W - 'The Love I Lost' [Rewind]

2. Paul van Dyk - 'Avenues' [Vandit]

3. DJ Jan - 'Excanto' [white label]

4. The Thrillseekers - 'Synaesthesia' [Neo]

5. M3 - 'Bailamos' (Matt Darey Mix) [inferno]

6. Marc De La Cruz - 'The Hive' [white label]

I'm definitely putting this up in the Jules audio bit when I have a moment... not sure about that 'excanto' track but it's awesome! 8-)

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Is it a remix of PvD's 'Avenues' do you know? Doesn't sound like the original... :?

Just 'pre-ordered' my copy of X-Santo off the legendary Mr Craig 'Agent Munki' Hamilton on here... I believe it's on Southeast Recordings and the mix played here was the Transa remix. :D

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