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Classic Mix!

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ok, fired a load of old classics on the other night and got recording. few bad mixes but sure! The classic make up for that!



dave morrales - needing you

yomanda - synths and strings

timo mass - luv struck

unknown - circus beat

dumonde - never look back

unknown - the frog

unknown - sons of puri

hi gate - i can hear voices

sectoer 30

cunductor & the cowboy - feeling this way

jonha - shuss

terry bones - get away

olive - your not alone

signum - what you got

vpl - have a nice day

green martin - industry

eletrique boutquie - love shy

skydive - freefall

lucid - i cant help my self

alena - turn it around

rba - no alternative

three3 drive - sun set on ibiza

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Hmm all over the place really this, like to see some sort of structure I does even with classic sets or whatever style, its good overall, can't fualt the mixing, though the tracklisting leaves much to be desired:

No credit for the Acapella at the begining and over Needin' You guv! , although even I don't know the exact name of it!

Also second track is Southside Spinners - Luvstruck (Timo Mass Remix) ! get it right! ll Laughing (i'm sure Tim'll back me up by saying this!)

Sector whatever is a Picotto one too, and Love Shy is by Kristone Blonde Electrique Boutique on the remix, and over Green Martian theres Martin Luther King messed about with, not in the tracklisting either!

Also space Brothers Remix of Alena.

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No nothing harsh there!

Fired the accapella on atthe start manily becuse ppl that i know have good memories of it!

as i do my mixes i type the choons - TL in to a tx doc! thats why thay are rough as hell!

yeah wasnt really structured, as i said i just fired a few choons on!

though i would never really plan many sets!

all good!

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