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Buying Or Downloading Promo CDR's


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Theres a few places you get promo downloads, some are limited to a certain amount though, of course they cost a little bit more too.

The following have or have had promo downloads (some you have to cathc quick as they are limited to 10 downloads or summat daft at times):






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That sounds good, however from what I have seen of the legal sites they only seem to sell tunes that are old - I may be wrong!!

Depends what you mean by old!

If you mean 'old' as in they came out last month, then sure, but equally so you'd be hard-pressed to find any legal track to download dating back from before 2002/2003 or so. Labels haven't got round to back-cataloguing all their older releases just yet (much to my annoyance, as you can well imagine being a person forever seeking out all those great tunes from years gone by).

Promos as such won't be available for download because that would self-defeating, though I'm sure Anjunabeats and a few other labels have their own promo service you can sign up to. Certainly the above links that JCB just put up should help :)

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