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Eddie Halliwell - Fire It Up


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Has anyone heard this yet?

Yet to listen, ive seen the tracklist, but cant find it anywhere to list!

Eddie is starting to sort of 'remake' his own version of the tune live with the 3deck edits and 909 remix's using the pioneer - intriqued to listen looks very techy and technical!!!

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Yes. Ive got the CD.

Current fans of eddie should admire this effort. The 'BOSH!' duo for mixmag has become stuff of legend and this is a good follow-up.

Anyone who follows eddie will know he prefers not to do CD's as he cant get across what he can produce in a live set.

He has, however, created a fair reflection of his current style with this. The use of the 909 certainly enhances the CD as he integrates the effects well. The scratch samples are top stuff as is the looping and random tricks.

Get yourself a copy if you havent already done so!! :):)

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