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My Xmas Present To Myself!!


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Merry Xmas, heres what i picked up this morning - an xmas pressy to myself with all the money i got 4 xmas plus some out my own pocket!!!

Proper ace, will cut down on vinyl purchases in the long run now,and save money!!



Also - this is my pressy from my sis which i only got yesterday, awesome or what!!


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Shotglasses in Spain are twice the size! Coincidentally I'm going back there with my brother on January 6th.

There's this special shot that we used to set up for new girls on our pad - double shotglass with rum, tequila,

vodka and absinthe, topped and doused with cream. They must lick all the cream off first, then down the shot

using their mouth only. A successful consumption guarantees a rapturous ovation from the whole bar (and another

drink bought by me)!

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my cdj was a little f***ed actually, laser was f***ed i think - took ages longer than my other cdj to read the cd's - took it back and swapped for another this morning - problem solved! :D

take that stand back to uni8 and screw it to my deckstand, proper sturdy then! job done!

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