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Inside Out, 31st Dec 05

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After all day of 'we're going, no we're not' I managed to get tickets at 5.55PM, just as the box office was closing. Also nearly ran out of petrol in my haste too!

Got there at 11 and the queue was minimal, as they'd given up on searching to get people in before the bells.

It was busy inside, but there was still enough room to dance and get around the place. Don't know who was on before midnight, but I suspect it was Jon O'Bir as I didn't see him rest of the night. OK set, nothing special.

Saw the New year in and then Matt Hardwick came on, grinning away to himself as always! He opened with Mr Brightside (apparently, didn't know it) then mixed into I Predict a Riot :? , but then got down to business, playing Dark Side of the Moon, Without You and Tune of The Night - Marcel Woods - Advanced 8-)

Adam Sheridan came on, but wasn't too impressed so did some wandering. Heard Time of our Lives being played in the Playroom, but no idea who was DJing, probs one of the now ex-ressies. Claire dragged me out tho, as Edun - Who's Knocking (Ferry mix) was being played by Sheridan 8-)

Caught most of Scott Mac at 3 at the small arch and he really got down to business with the kind of tunes needed at that time of night :wink: But part way thru his set, Advanced was being played again in the Main Arch, so had to disappear for that, only to return and hear Damager 02 8-) 8-)

Totally brilliant night, and my memory stayed with me! Unfortunately had to walk to Victoria Road before we could get a taxi home, but it didn't ruin the night.

Roll on the next Inside Out...its good having a decent club on my doorstep 8-)

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