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Primary Research Survey on Drugs Used In Clubs


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Hey there Guys hows it going? Hope all is well.

I am in seek of some help!

I am a Third Year Graphic Design Student and for my final major project I have been set a brief where i have to design an information pack/ campaigne on the use of drugs in clubs.

As part of this brief i need to carry out some intence research on the subject of drugs.

I have conducted a series of bullet points which if filled in would pretty much decribe the night of a drug user. This is called primary research which will be read by myself and tutor (where i must strees that it would be read in complete confidence and will not be passed onto anyone else.

I will ellaberate a little on what the bullet points will involve.

I plan to ask people a series of questions, which will be rather detailed. I will want to know where their night begins, do they go out and buy the drugs, or will they have already been purchased or pre-planned before the evening has began. I will then want to know at what point of the night the drugs are usually consumed? Or is it an ongoing activity that happens throughout the night. Once consumed, what then are the effects? I want my interviewees to go into as much detail as possible, describing the full effects and feelings they experience when under the influence of drugs. Does the atmosphere surrounding them change, does the music increase the effects of the drugs at all, is there any recognition between one user and another which is not recognised to people that are not under the influence. Are there any side effects whilst on the drugs or after the drug has been consumed, like a hang over or nausea, come downs? How do these side effects feel?

The more detail that is put into this the better my understanding will be on the effects, which could in time help influence my design ideas for my campaigne or information pack.

Having already liaised with some people that I plan to send my questins to, we have discussed what would be the best way in giving me the most effective and accurate understanding of what taking drugs is like.

If you guys are interested in filling out a copy of the questionaire/ surevy and would like to take the time to reminisce on your experiences, without being under pressure, then please could you PM me.

I will then email you a copy of the survey and if you could then fill it in an email it back to me asap that would be greate.

I must stress that what people may tell me is obviously rather personal, although my tutor will be reading through the research gathered, I can assure you that it will be completely anoymous, no names used or email addresses seen, it will be read in complete confidence and will not be passed on or judged by a third party.

Thanks for your time guys.


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Yeah it will be,

But i must emphasise that this is being carried out in complete privacey and confidence, as it will be an experssion of personal experiance to help aid me with my research and design prosess.


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Its my final major project for my BA Hons degree in Graphic Design. My completed designs will be taken down to london where i will present my work at the national graphic design draduation show... therfore the better the research the better the outcome...

well thats how it is ment to work not always the case... :!:

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Hey guys, a big thankyou to everyone that helped out with the surveys, it was a massive help and extreamly interesting.

Speacial thanks to Tim also for allowing me to carry out the research on the board.

Cheers Guys :lol:

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