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Armin van Buuren & Judge Jules @ Gods

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Godskitchen really have got it licked as far as getting class one off nights goin, once again they manage to not only get armin but jules aswell!

Judging by the fact its an all nighter til 6 they should both get nice extended sets too

Plus Jon O'Bir on the bill too is never a bad thing.

Full Lineup

9.30pm - 6.00am

Oxygen Arena

Armin van Buuren

Judge Jules

Jon O'Bir

Nitrogen Room

Seb Fontaine

Richard Dinsdale

Micky Slimm


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At the x-mas party Jules played after Jon O'Bir & before Armin, personally i think it'd work much better the other way round as Armin & O'Bir's styles are much more similar.

Jules to come on last and blast out a harder set is what i'd hope for, think he's at his best when caning it rather than having one eyes on who's next

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Well usually Gods don't allocate a big name the final set unless its a packed lineup or there is a scheduling issue, that said i imagine Jon O'Bir would come back on after Jules had finished playin say 2-4.

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