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A night out, a bouncer, A club, A t-shirt


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story goes....

A friend of mine works in river island! I was in his place the other day. There was T shuits in the window reading "SALE NOW ON - River Island"

i said joking, "would be a laugh to wear one of them out" next thing i new i had one in my hand!

so thursday night i headed out, with the t shrt on! got in ok. had coat on. then after a few drinks a bouncer spotted it. thinking he was finding it amusing i started laughing. he then said "do you think this is funny advertising in here" I had no time to respond as i was escortted out! :oops:


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A bit over the top reaction with the T-shirt. So what, we're not allowed to advertise? Has that ever been a rule?

Were you in a club or a bar? I'm guessing a club because bouncers are usually more "arsey" in my opinion. Not a Barrymoreism, that.

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