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Phynn live this Wednesday

Cliffy Burrows

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This Wednesday 11th Jan at 9pm GMT will see the mighty Phynn do a guest mix for Trancemixers.Com. Also on this night will be a set from the hugely taleneted Gazra, America's finest Johnny Monsoon and of course the excellent Deeko. Tune in from 7pm GMT. Infact tune in now as we are on air from 7pm - 11pm GMT 7 days a week.

Click the link below if you have Winamp:

Click the link below if you have Windows Media Player:


The response to the site recently has been immense. Last weeks guest mixes from Damien James, Perry O'Neil & Thomas Datt pulled in the stations highest ratings yet. From that the station has grown. We have some other massive sets coming up from the likes of Ron Van Den Beuken, Markus Schulz, Factoria & Matt Hardwick so stay tuned. A big thanks to those who have supported the station.

Phynn Biography:

Finne Jager was born in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands) on December 6th 1984. As a young child Finne already showed an interest in music and musical instruments and he was very motivated by his father who was also very musical and enthusiastic about music. At the age of 11 Finne started taking keyboard lessons which he continued for 5 years. It was in 2000 when he got introduced to electronic dance music when hearing Cygnus X - Superstring, and he was hooked to this style immediately. He started exploring the possibilities of making electronic dance music with computers and synthesizers, and after a while of practice he felt that it was time to take it to the next level. He decided to participate in an Ernesto vs. Bastian remix contest with his friend Gerwin Koudijs under the Mind Markers guise. Out of hundreds of contestants Finne and Gerwin ended second in the competition. Finne got in touch with Ernesto vs. Bastian and Sony's FTM label and did some remix work for them (including his remix of DJ Ernesto - Stop 9.5 which was released in August 2004 and is still on the playlist of many top DJ's in 2005). It was in the second half of 2004 where Finne decided to make a track with his good friend Bart van Wissen aka Fictivision. The result was 'Escape' which was released on DJ Tiësto's Black Hole Recordings, a track that got both Bart and Finne's names on the international trance map. After this record, Finne produced a few well-received remixes and solo EP's for Black Hole, and now he is an exclusive artist at Black Hole Recordings. His tracks are widely supported by the worlds biggest DJ's such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and so forth. But Finne's abilities are not limited to producing, he is also a DJ who knows how to read a crowd. He is constantly getting more and more gig offers and travels around the world to show the people his mixing skills and track selection.

Finne is constantly trying to improve himself and works really hard to please his fans. It is with great expectations that we look out to what this youngster has to bring us in the future..


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Definitely will be wired up to this. Loved his remix too of DJ Ernesto's Stop 9.5 which I think Jules played a while back?

Got this on my favourites now, Mr Cliffy. Nice to tune into when I come back from work.

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