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Me and Bjorn LIVE - A reminder!


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Busy watching the darts off to bed after they finish which is any minute.

To JasonB;

You sound really miserable- get a life. :lol:

What's wrong with darts? It's a sport now, you know. :D :wink:

A download would be good by the way for thirddrive + bjorns show please, I was unable to use my computer at the time as the girlfriend needed it :roll:

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Yeah what is wrong with the Darts! im with Jason b, and quadrent its good entertaining tv.

Sorry i could make it down to the show Bjorn and Chritsian, You know how it is uni work and all.

Bjorn i hope you recorded it, i lookforward to an email later of the show!

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Will have to see about a DL!

Tracklisting for now anyways to whet your appetite:

Royksopp - 'What Else Is There' (Thin White Duke Mix) (Epic)

Tom Novy - 'Want Your Body' (Andy Van Remix) (Data)

Hi Tac - 'Say Say Say' (CDR)

Richard Gray - 'Albatross' (Subliminal)

Depeche Mode - 'A Pain That I'm Used To' (Jaques Lu Cont Remix) (Mute)

Plump Djs - 'Dr Dub' (Finger Lickin')

Deux - 'Sun Rising Up' (Jupiter Ace Remix) (Azuli)

Skorpio - 'Rock Chic' (White Label)

Yer Man - 'Satisfy Me' (Mena Music)

Dave McCullen - 'Bitch' (Nebula)

Lucky 7 - 'Dreams' (White Label)


Solid Players - 'Crystal Century' (White Label)

Ferry Corsten - 'Fire' (Flashover)

Noff - 'Modulation' (White Label)

Pure Dance Anthem of the Week

Filterfunk - 'SOS' (Sander Van Doorn Remix) (White Label)

AJS - 'Universal Blackout'

In the MIX for 06:

Dormouse - 'Fall Inside' (White Label)

Above and Beyond - 'Alone Tonight' (Anjunabeats)

Sunny Lax - 'Puma' (Anjunabeats)

Martin Roth - 'Shockwaves' (Lunatique)

Marco V - 'The Great Escape' (In Charge)

ALF - 'Aidieu' (White Label)

Aava - 'Replica' (Monster Tunes)

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:? I'm up at same time Chrissie I feel like censored if I don't get enough sleep though.

Ended up going to bed just after 10, nowt wrong with darts! the BDo lakside is one of few highlights of every year for me.

Looks good that tracklisting.

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Chrissie is lying. She PM'd me saying how much she loves darts, but was afraid to admit it openly here. Isn't that right? :D

Dormouse - Fall Inside.... not heard this one, care to enlighten us?

and ALF? isn't he a member here too?

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Spanner related? 8-)  

Yes, it was good for us to play tunes by people off the board - total of 5! (including my Solid Players mash).

f*** u higgs u homo!

yes yes im here now, now im off back to bed! :wink:

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Here's da photos - sorry about the delay, been busy recently!

Christian deftly using the dodgy cd rack mounts!


Such a professional!


The very professional looking studio!


Christian in the mix!


Me in the mix (take note chrissie brown - ure lucky i had deux - sun rising up with me!!)


Christian 'pretending' to look professional!


Christian in the mix once again...


cool shot of fery corsten - fire while playing!


hmmm, serious!!


cool shot of 1210


me in the mix again! :wink:




is it me or does christian look far too serious!!


hope u enjoy guys & girls, had a good laugh - cheers christian, damn u skipping record!! :roll:

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It was indeed a great show with plenty of variety. Good photos too.

Thanks for playing "Sun Rising Up" which reminds me of warm summer evenings. Also for playing "Shockwaves" superb....... It was really nice that so many of us supported the show by requesting tunes etc. hopefully there will be a next time.

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