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Tim on hospital radio?


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Hey now hang on a sec. Never had any rashes anyway, what's this all about?!

And it's Traill, Quadrant, with 2 L's :wink:

Bit touchy, mate! Are sure there's nothing bothering you? :wink: :wink:

PS, happy belated birthday, Tim 8-) (btw, when was it?)

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lol never touchy Steve, you should know that! Takes an awful lot to annoy me, trust me! ;) I was thinking of that "rashes" thread on jj.net board actually... some poor bloke had something wrong with his cock and posted up his problem on the board, but everyone just laid into him. Went on for about 7 pages, surely you remember it?!


And my B'day was on... 5 January :)

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