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Love Parade

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Not heard any info apart from this. Can anyone tell me (if they remember) why the 2001 Love Parade was cancelled? I went abroad before it, came back and then there was talk of it never actually taking place in Newcastle... but no-one ever explained why!

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The council refused the licence on safety grounds. I think it was because the expected numbers were higher than originally expected. A lot like Leeds was (so it moved to a bigger location), except Newcastle Council are cr@p when it comes to licencing.

There was a Love Parade festival last year, but this one could be a proper parade :?

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I remember Tong interviewing Dr Motte and PvD at the Leeds Love Parade in 2000, and they both said that it could never match the German one especially if it was organized and sorted by Radio 1 - it had to be an independent movement. So is it being covered this year by R1?

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The line-up has now been announced and quite frankly it urinates all over last years:

Love Leeds 2006 will feature some of the biggest names in clubland. Below are the confirmed DJs - we think you'll agree it's been worth waiting for...

Tribal Gathering Arena

Junior Jack & Kid Creme / Felix Da Housecat / Deepgroove / Axwell / Krysko / Greg Vickers

Federation/Kissdafunk Arena

Stonebridge / Tom Novy / The Hoxton Whores / The Trophy Twins / Rob Tissera / Tony Walker / Drew Scott / Stuart Robinson / Marc Leaf / Nik Denton / Filthy Rich

Goodgreef Arena

The Tidy Boys / Scott Project / Mark EG / Kutski / (Radio 1) / Alex Kidd / Ilogik / Organ Donors / Shan / Barry Connell / Ben Stevens / GRH B2B Sam Townsend

Retro Arena

Paul Taylor / Marshall Jefferson / Jon Pleased Wimmin / Jay Lee Lloyd / Simon Forestiero / Dylan Jeffers

The Gallery Arena

Judge Jules / Marco V / Tall Paul / Sander Van Doorn / Tomcraft / John Askew / Riley & Durrant / Gavyn Mytchel

Basics/Dirty Disco Arena

Tiefschwartz / MANDY / Jon Carter / Mr C / Ralph Lawson 20/20 Soundsystem / Paul Woolford / Tristan Da Cunha / Buckley / Dat Elektronique / Matt Cooper

Miss Moneypenny's VIP Arena

Jim Shaft Ryan / DJ Marble / Ken Fan / Jeff Jefferson / Neil Navarra

Jay Dee Thomas / Live PAs from Moneypenny's Records include Terri ‘Perfectly Well' and The Love Machine ‘ I Get This Feeling'

Plus Miss Moneypenny's outrageous dancers and hosts and sumptuous décor.

Vodka Nationwide Arena

Various residents to be announced shortly

Looks very good 8-)

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