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Arizona, R D V Beuken & Cristian Paduraru Guest Mixes

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This week is a special week on www.trancemixers.com as we have some fantastic guest mixes by Thomas Bronzwaer (Arizona), Ron Van Den Beuken & Cristian Paduraru.

It all starts at 7pm GMT this Tuesday 17th with the Prog House mainman Cristian Paduraru. He will be playing a producers mix. Then at 9pm the same night Thomas Bronzwaer (Arizona) will be taking the helm. Also that night will be the sublime Laura May at 8pm GMT and the excellent Alex Kerr at 10pm GMT.

Then on Wed 18th Ron Van Den Beuken will be showing us his skills at 9pm GMT. I will be playing myself before him at 8pm GMT and of course the hugley talented Gazra will be kicking things off at 7pm GMT with the fantastic Deeko rounding things off at 10pm GMT.

Why wait anyway get yourself tuned in everynight at 7pm GMT as we are on 7 days a week.

Click the link below to listen if you have Winamp:

Click the link below to listen if you have Windows Media Player:


A big thanks to all those who tune in and supported us

Cristian Paduraru Biography:

Since 10 February 1980, Cristian Paduraru grew in Romania, mainly Bucharest. Feeling attracted by melodic dance music since childhood. As a teen Cristian started going to clubs (mainly "Studio Martin"). One of Cristian for projects was "Fire In Water" it included live performances. In the begining of 1996 he was able to buy his first keyboard The style of the project was acid-breakbeat. In 1998 Cristian received 1st place in the "New Talent Festival" (electronic section) and in 1999 received 1st place in the "Klub Bizzare" contest from Atomic Tv for best house. It's obvious that he has an artistic gift. Praise goes to the One who gave him life and gifts His philosophy, in the 90's was that "Music is the best drug," fullfilling the need for excitement. In the new millenium he got in touch with the Word of God and have the philosophy that "Love is the message". His wife, Erika, has brought him fullfillment and balance. After the 90's era of live performances, the new millenium comes with dj performances, and Cristian decided to work mainly in the studio. For a while, between 2000 and 2004 concentrating on advertising and movie sountracks. In 2005 he decided to offer his services worldwide, so he gathered tunes on the actual trends and invites you to enjoy the tracks. He feels good when his tunes are bringing a good feeling to others...


Thomas Bronzwaer (Arizona) Biography:

I was born on the 30th of September in 1984, in a town called Nijmegen, Holland. Since 2003, I've been living and studying in Utrecht (also in Holland).

I started making music in 1999, and had only been listening to it intensively for about 2 years then. Somehow it took me a very long time to develop any interest in music - somewhere about the age of 12 I started listening to the fantastic soundtracks of the Wipeout-game series on the Playstation and became hooked! I started off producing goofy stuff with programs such as MODplug tracker, and then somewhere in the year 2000 a friend of mine inevitably introduced me to the sounds of DJ Tiësto. Of course tracks such as 'Push - Universal Nation' really blew my mind, and

that's when it all started...

Well, some three years of making lots of snippets followed. The real producing process started rolling in 2003 - the first record deal followed that summer; Arizona & Greg Murray - Daylight on Afterglow recordings!

Shortly afterwards more tracks followed, most notably Octagen & Arizona - Starburst/Profound with my friend Paul Moelands. This track received some big attention! Featured on Gatecrasher and Marco V compilations and hammered by all the big jocks, Starburst was the first project I was involved in that made waves in the trance world. In 2004, more stuff followed - a new track with Greg Murray on Platipus called 'Solarflare', a remix for John O'Callaghan's 'Mercury' and, 2004's big one, a collaboration with good friend Galen Behr (Passiva). Arizona vs. Passiva - 'Halo' was in fact finished in 2004 but turned out to be a devil to get signed! The year turned again and eventually 'Halo' found a home on esteemed Dutch trance label Dedicated (United Recordings). United proved a helpful ally, providing us with a remix by Danjo&Styles who made a total monster! Once again, the Arizona moniker rippled across tranceland, receiving major support. Me and Galen were asked to remix Menno de Jong's

new 'Sayla' single shortly afterwards. An Arizona remix of Stenna's 'Skyline' followed on Discover UK's 'Flux Delux' label. After that, I produced my very first solo single 'Close Horizon' which was released on United's 'Yakuza' imprint. Since this was the first track I put out under my real name, it was an exciting time - fortunately it couldn't have turned out better! With support from every major name in the scene, massive positive feedback, an appearance on Paul van Dyk's new album 'Politics of Dancing 2' and a license deal to his label Vandit (including a PvD remix!) I was completely blown away by how well this track is doing.I guess (hope) this is where things start rolling!


Ron Van Den Beuken Biography:

Ron van den Beuken, started making dance-music about eight years ago. He studied at the conservatorium of Maastricht and also went to University as a law student. After completing his study he got into the dance-scene (by co-incedense) with his first record, 'feel it'. It was a clubtune which was on number 1 in Holland for several weeks. He continued with another track called 'Keep it Up'. This one became a big Top-10 Hit in Scandinavia.

After the success of this track Ron decided to do more different projects, and he started his first Trance Project wich was called Shane, 'Cest Muzique'.

After this succes Ron produced The Mystery (‘Mystery’) which got a lot of popularity from DJs like Dave Pearce (BBC Radio 1) and Johan Gielen. ‘The Mystery’ has been released in countries all over the world, like Spain, Southern Africa, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, Israel and Japan. Thanks to the huge popularity of the DJs and Clubs it got licensing deals all over the world. It got into the Top 75 Sales Chart in U.K.

Ron's next track ‘Devotion’ (All i ever wanted) was another big hit. Once more it got a lot of support from DJs, such as Paul van Dijk, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen, Black & Jones, Judge Jules and many more. Again Top 75 U.K and for the first time Top-100 Sales Chart Holland.

In 2003 Ron introduced Clokx, covering clocks from Coldplay. It reached many number one positions in the dance-charts all over the world, and it got entry in Top-100 Sales Chart Holland.

Soon after that, his new record "Timeless" was released. This one became a huge success in clubs all over Europe, and it was the finally breakthrough for Ron van den Beuken.

"Timeless" was Dance-smash(1) at Radio538 and floorfiller at Radio3, and again Top-100.At was in the sales charts for 17 weeks!!

After "Timeless" Ron produced the record "Overdrive". This track got a lot of support from very important dj's, like Tiësto, Marco V, Armin, etc.

Again number one in all dance-charts and this time it became his first Top-40 cross-over hit! And again Dance-smash(2) at Radio538 and floorfiller at Radio3. It was on rotation at Radio538 for 21 weeks!!

Also Ron produced "Twister". This one he produced together with Sander van Doorn(mr Sam Sharp). Again it was number one in all dutch Dance Charts! Again Dance-smash(3) at Radio538, and Top-100 salescharts, Top-30 Pepsi Charts, and Top-40 normal sales Charts!!!!!

Lately he did a Remix for the well known Randy Katana, "In Silence". Again the track reached all number one positions in the Dutch Dance Charts. And again Dance-smash(4) at Radio538 (nr.1 Radio of Holland atm). This was the fourth Dance-smash for Ron van den Beuken in one year. Never, there has been a dutch dance producer who achieved this!!!!

After this record Ron produced the Record "Endless". It reached all number 1. position in the Dance-charts and became a hit by reaching the Top-100 sales-charts. This record contains also a fantastic video, shooten in Poland at a big festival in Poland.

After the record "Endless" Ron produced the new Clokx "Feelings", also this track reached the Top-100 salescharts again, and became a small commercial succes, thanks to the support of most famous dj's.

Soon after Clokx, Ron produced the track "Sunset". This one again was Dance-smash at Radio538 (5). The track reached the number 22 position in the official Salescharts, which is the highest position for Ron till now, and also his biggest hit so far

At the moment there's a lot of asking for remixes. In the past remixes were made, for example Quiksilver, G-Spott, 4 Strings, Sash, CRW, Blank & Jones, Macc Zimms, CRW, Katana, Dj Tatana, Nightlife, etc.

The latest Rmx thats gonna be released will be the one for John Marks, who scored a hudge hit in Holland with his first single, 3 months ago.


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Agree that mtr RvdB is a class dj some top productions but the mix i'd really wana hear is Thomas Bronzwaer, 'Close Horizon' was an awesome record and, by all accounts, the follow up is mighty aswell.

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Just a reminder that Ron Van Den Beuken is guest mxing on the station tonight. With Gazra, Deeko and of course myself playing too. Last nights guest Mix by Thomas Bronzwaer got our highest rating yet with Thomas coming into the chatroom as well. Was a good laugh. So get tuned in it tonight from 7pm GMT, it will be awesome.

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