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Weird doing a pre-record...


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Pre-recorded my show this week on URN (it's on now) - but it's very strange listening to myself "live" as it were!

Nice mix on today's show too - but no voice over at the end with tracklist run down. So a bit bare around the edges, but mostly sweeps of mixes.

Have a listen..

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It'd be interesting to see what texts I did actually have! Which tunes did you request Chrissie - good forthought on my account! :roll:



1. Sandy B - 'You Make My World Go Around'

2. Intenso Project - 'Love The Sunshine'

3. Ferry Corsten - 'Rock Your Body' (Rennie Pilgrim Remix) (Positiva)

4. CRW - 'I Feel Love'

5. Manny Romero - 'Compadre'

6. Dormouse Presents - 'Twist You Much'

PDA of the Week:

7. Solid Players - 'Crystal Century'

8. Corderoy vs Missy - '4 My Drifting'

PDA In the Mix!

9. Purple Haze - 'Eden'

10. The Teachers - 'Wanna B' (Ernesto vs Bastian Remix)

11. Huggatron - 'Pop It Bad' (Agoria Remix)

12. Dormouse - 'Fall Inside'

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Sorry Christian l got my tunes mixed up. I know that l requested Hemstock & Jennings "Babylon" and when you played Purple Haze "Eden" l thought it was "Babylon". :? Anyway l'm really loving "Eden" at the moment as well. Can't for the life of me remember what other tune l requested. :( (Turns out it wasn't any of the others you played afterall).

However as l mentioned in my earlier post it was an interesting show and l really enjoyed it . It was great to hear I Feel Love again. Was that your own mix as l haven't heard that mix before.

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