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Tong has a point that most of the younger generation now wouldn't touch vinyl with a barge poll. I mean nearly all the DJ's on our station use CD's only and never buy vinyl. However for Tong to say that they are people who have never seen it, is surely just an exaggeration. Like someone pointed out HMV and Virgin still sell it, although personally I never buy it from those shops. To me the only people that use vinyl now are DJ's and the older folks who bought vinyl when they where young. I myself still buy vinyl as I have no choice becuase I do not have CDJ's. I like vinyl but I will be making the move, as a DJ I need to. I can see vinyl not been prssed anymore within the next couple of years plus it is cheaper to buy MP3's and burn them to CD. I mean you pay on average £6.99 for the latest release from online record shops like Juno. For the same song on MP3 you can buy it from somewhere like Audiojelly for 99p. Plus you don't pay postage and have it instantly instead of waiting 2 days. You can buy 100 blank CD's for £15 as well. It's reasons like this that people don't want to buy vinyl no matter how nostalgic it is.

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You make some good points there Cliffy, about the cost and instant delivery of downloads, but all you own is a file. To me, I like to own a vinyl and build the collection up, so that I have something to show for all my money. But, I would have more tunes if I went down the download path.

I've been reading dance music related boards for over a couple of years now, and people have been saying that the death of vinyl is imminent for all that time, but it still hasn't happened, fortunately. (A bit like 'the death of trance' that everyone keeps talking about :wink: )

Having said all that, I'm sure eventually it will become almost impossible to buy vinyl, the figure's in Tong's report say it all. When it does happen, I'll have a lot more cash available!

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These figures the BPi suposedly don't have is a load of tosh, Music week recently said that vinyl sales are massively up the past year! so go bloodey figure!

I started with vinyl and I'll keep buying vinyl untill it dies, its the best format, its been proven fact!, the analog frequencies n that, yes you get yer crackles n stuff but it creates warmth for the format.

I still buy 99% of released stuff on vinyl, which I then record and back up onto cdr's, now I could easily and cheaply download stuff instead or but the cd singles but no, has to be vinyl!

I will in the end run out of storage space for vinyl, only then will I possibley go fully digital only.

Now its the time of the 'ipod' generation I think with the whole cheapness of downloads and so much availablity and versaitality of mp'3s and cd's not to mention the weight advantage! also being able to vburn your own re-edits n that to cd's and play straight away whereas pressing same stuff to vinyl costs a lot of money.

I'm making the move due to stoarge space really, although for now donwloads will count for myabe 10% tops of my music buying 10% cd's and 80% vinyl.

Also its the many big names that have gone fully digital waether using ableton or cd's or a mixture of both that has speed up the whole download thing, I need a solid carrier to use watehr cd or vinyl, i cant ever see myself mxing two mp3 files together or using a pc to mix stuff, It's just not me.

I coukld blather on and on (i've re-wrote all this like 4-5 times!) but i'm tired I only had two hours sleep this morning! after a night out went to work at half 5 etc... lol


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