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Dormouse on www.qmr.fm - Tonight from 8-10pm!


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Tracklisting, should anybody be interested...

1. The Editors 'Munich' (Cicada Remix) (Kitchenware)

2. Meck 'Thunder In My Heart' (Starlet DJs Groove Deluxe Remix) (Universal)

3. Porno 'Music Power' (Andy Van Remix) (Data)

4. Benjamin Thieves 'Texas' (Kitsune)

Rewind Track:

5. Daft Punk 'Aerodynamic' (Virgin)

6. Hi Tack 'Say Say Say (Waiting For You)' (Tocadisco Remix) (Spinnin)

7. Nick & Danny Chattelain 'Is Killing Me' (Ovum)

8. Tomcraft 'Sure Shot' (Kosmo)

9. Luminary 'Amsterdam' (Smith & Pledger Remix) (Anjunabeats)

10. Marco V 'False Light' (DJ Ton TB Remix) (Maelstrom)

11. AJS 'Universal Blackout' (White Label)

A-List Track: Record Of The Week:

12. Marco V 'A Great Escape' (Be Yourself)

13. Intelligent Edge 'Elevate' (White Label)

14. Dormouse 'Fall Inside' (White Label)

Dormouse In The Mix:

15. Purple Haze 'Eden' (Oxygen)

16. Shocksteady 'Take A Ride' (Spinnin)

17. Hemstock & Jennings 'Babylon '06' (Armada)

18. Yanave presents Evanya 'Las Perillas' (Five AM)

19. U2 'Blinding Lights' (4 Strings Remix) (White Label)

20. Martin Roth 'Shockwaves' (Summer's Here Mix) (Lunatique)

21. Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & Red Head 'The Pod' (Traffic)

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The guy behind all AJS bootlegs and tunage in general is a guy called Adam Sincers who posts on the godskitchen board, hes got loads of new stuff comin up includin a mash-up of Deepsky 'Ghost' & Gabriel & Dresden's 'Dub Horizon', he also produced the E-Craig vs Ratty bootleg that was flying about lately and was behind the Ein Musik 'Jittery dream' tune aswell.

He produces under the guise E@T Love with a tune called Lunar Air out soon. He also works for Monster Records and is a good DJ, he was also on Nu Breed on Galaxy 2 weeks ago with Riley & Durrant.

Hope that enlightens you all!

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As far as I can see from reading all that, if you make a bootleg, you have to accept that that firstly you might not be the first person who has ever experimented with that same combination, and secondly that you don't technically own the finished product, because the elements you have used are not your own and have been 'borrowed' off copyrighted recordings.

If it was your own track though that's been composed, and someone's stolen that idea then that's a different matter altogether.

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