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Paul Kershaw's Galaxy Show Saturday 18.50 - 20.50

Max Kane

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Doubt many of you actually listen to this as it clashes with Jules's show but hey i thought I'd try a plug anyway!

As with Jules' show there's a half hour extended mix at the end of every show but Paul dedicates his to a guest mix, previous guest mixers include Armin, Ferry, Tiesto, PvD and many more big names.

Aswell as this guest mix slot there is also a dedicated mix at the end of every month for a 'Rising Star' an unknown DJ who gets featured, and by some form of miracle this week that 'Rising Star' is me!

Paul will be interviewing me briefly via the phone and then playing half an hour of my mix. Would be fantastic if some of you could tune in for this last half hour or so as I'm really really looking forward to it.



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Ye its gona be a half hour prog trance mix, not sure which tracks Paul is selecting yet as he has a full one hr plus mix of mine, will get it up on here so you can all hear me dodgy interview and mix.

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Cheers to anyone that tuned in here's the t-list...

01 - Roland Klinkenberg - O-Matic [EE]

02 - RR Workshop - Electrolux [EE]

03 - Perry O'Neil - Numb [EE]

04 - Hammer & Bennett - Beauty & The Beast [Coldharbour]

:D :wink:

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