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Cristian Paduraru - Deep Electro/Tech House Mix


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Here is a mix:

listen/download (lowband):

listen/download (broadband):

Some artist info:

Since 10 February 1980, Cristian Paduraru grew in ROMANIA, mainly Bucharest. Feeling attracted by melodic dance music since childhood. As a teen Cristian started going to clubs (mainly "Studio Martin"). One of Cristian for projects was "Fire In Water" it included LIVE performances. In the begining of 1996 he was able to buy his first keyboard. The style of the project was acid-breakbeat.

In 1998 Cristian received 1st place in the "New TALENT Festival" (electronic section) and in 1999 received 1st place in the "Klub Bizzare" contest from Atomic Tv for best house. It's obvious that he has an artistic gift. Praise goes to the One who gave him life and gifts:) His philosophy, in the 90's was that "Music is the best drug," fullfilling the need for excitement. In the new millenium he got in touch with the Word of God and have the philosophy that "LOVE IS THE MESSAGE".

His wife, ERIKA, has brought him fullfillment and balance. After the 90's era of live performances, the new millenium comes with dj performances, and Cristian decided to work mainly in the studio. For a while, between 2000 and 2004 concentrating on advertising and movie sountracks. In 2005 he decided to offer his services worldwide, so he gathered tunes on the actual trends and invites YOU to enjoy the tracks. He feels GOOD when his tunes are bringing a good feeling to others... :lol:

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Check this out!!


MUSIC was made by arranging sounds (composing) and managing frequecies (mastering). Cristian Paduraru opens a NEW dimension in the digital industry thru Exclussive MASTERING Edition! This release brings a higher state of entertainment thru the sound quality... Also the release features the worldwide exclussive track "Light Or Darkness" that brings a MASSIVE baseline with fantastic FUNKY arrangements. It worth hearing this masterpiece!



Here is the physical version! You'll experience a moving Emotional House CD:) This is like John Digweed back to back with Carl Cox or like Deep Dish's proghouse sounds featuring Josh Wink's techno rhythms... as you play now you'll get a clear idea and can review!!


There is a digital promo available for this releases! Email me now for your FREE copy;)


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