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This week's purchases - week beginning 30/01/06


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I think a similar thing happened with other tracks. If you remember LMC vs U2 with that large lady singing her heart out on TOTP, it wasn't a patch on the Whitney Houston vocals that were originally thrown on top in that bootleg that so epitomised the Ibiza bar scene... just that in order to release it they had to have someone else singing it. And it was crap.

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That's quite a good point actually...

Anyway, bit of purchases for me this week - I'm always building up my old before the new: :) I am indebted to Craig for these!

Airheadz - 'Stanley' (Stanley's In A Trance Mix) [white label]

Alice Deejay - 'Will I Ever' (Dutchforce Remix & Pronti & Kalamari Remix) [white label]

Armin van Buuren's Album Sampler 73 (part 1 of 3) [united]

Black Hole Special Collector's Edition 1 (doublepack) [black Hole]

Cygnus X - 'The Orange Theme' (Bervoets & De Goeij , Original, Moonman & DJ Enrico Remixes) [iD&T]

Divide & Rule - 'Never Be Lonely' [Conception Artist Management]

DJ Enrico pres. Boomdevice - 'Yesterday's Enterprise' [X-Clusive]

DJ Manta - 'Holding On' (Lange Remix) [white label]

DuMonde - 'Tomorrow' (Lange Vocal, Lange Dub, Moogwai, and Jam X & De Leon Remixes) [VC white label]

Fable - 'Ain't No Sunshine' [Conception Artist Management]

Florian F - 'Surreal Brazil' (Remixes) [white label]

Gatecrasher RED Album (doublepack)

Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Signum Remix, Fontaine & Vern Mix) [Essential]

Inflexion - 'Pure' (Original Balearic & The Olmec Heads Remix) [Neo]

Kriana - 'The Weekend Has Landed' (Original & Yellowstone Remix) [Essential]

Marco Bailey - 'Caprioska' [MB Elektronics]

Mr Phillips - '7th Day' (Original and Remixes) [white label]

The Love Committee - 'You Can't Stop Us' (Berlin Summer, K-Paul, Westbam, EK Remixes) [Captivating Sounds]

The Olmec Heads - 'Spiritualized' (Original & Astral Remix) [Neo]

The Persuaders - 'Mercurial (Want To Live Forever...)' [white label]

Three Drives - 'Do You Trust Me / Sunset On Ibiza' [Massive Drive]

Paul van Dyk - 'Unknown/Unknown' [white label]

Pepper Sweeney - 'H 4 You' [white label]

Ralph Fridge - 'Angel' (Original & Quake Remix) [incentive white label]

Rank 1 - 'Airwave' (Original and Rank 1 vs Dutch Force Remix) [iD&T]

Riva - 'Stringer' (Original & Tall Paul Remix) [Double F Double R promo]

Seraque - 'My Dreams' (Original & 3am Mix) [Captivating Sounds]

Smudge & Smith - 'Near Me' (Translucid Remixes) [iNCredible]

William Ørbit - 'Ravel's Pavanne pour une Infante Défunte' (Ferry Corsten Remix) [WEA]

Yves DeRuyter - 'Back To Earth' (Rave & Progressive Mixes) [uK Bonzai promo]

X-Cabs -'Neuro 99' (99 Mix & Unknown Remix) [Hook white label promo]

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Ordered from Juno, Proggy as always :wink:

Armin van Buuren w/ Nadia Ali - Who Is Watching (Tondepth & Remy R K-berg Mixes) [Armind]

CJay & Elke Klein - Daglicht [Plastic Park]

Nic Chagall - Monday Bar [High Contrast]

The Sunset mix of 'Monday Bar' is absolutely stunning, gorgeous melody and bassline.

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One I want rid of is Madelyne! :P which is now going for zilcho.

M Factor Mix is the best out of the mixes although Solassos mix is nice also.

Various-Danny Howells-Choice (Unmixed 2CD)(Azuli)

Various-Played In Full: The 90's (Unmixed 3CD)(Resist)

Moby-Slipping Away (CD2)(Mute)

Pharrell-Angel 12" (Virgin)

Rasmus Faber-Get Overe Here (Unreleased Mixes)(Azuli Silver).

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