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Show TL 30/01/06

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You can get a download if you want guys, PM if so! SLight fader confusion at the start of the mix, but hey.

Cheers to Chrissie and Wakey for listening in. As it turns out i'm not moving timeslot! Plus, awesomeness to the dude who text in for Filterfunk - anticipating me playing it. Genuine text too.

1. Blaze feat. Barbara Tucker - 'Most Precious Love'

2. Meck - 'Thunder In My Heart (Catamaran Re-Edit)'

3. Yer Man - 'Satisfy Me' (Demixer Mix)

Classic Cut:

4. Leftfield and Lydon - 'Open Up' (Hard Hands)

5. Marco V - 'Red Blue Purple'

6. Chicane - 'Saltwater' (Thrillseekers Mix)

Future Anthem:

7. Hemstock and Jennings - 'Babylon 06'

Monday Night in the MIX

8. Roy Elliot - 'Untitled'

9. Active Sight - 'Adrenalin' (Fred Baker vs MIKE Remix)

10. Filterfunk - 'SOS' (Sander Van Doorn Remix)

11. Planet Perfecto - 'Bullet In the Gun' (Saturday Mix)

12. Unknown - 'A Frank Witness'

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I'd like a download of this is possible, would like to listen to that last track and especially that Thrillseekers remix of Chicane, it's class been meaning to get a copy of it for years.

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