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Psy Trance Download

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Did something a bit different for my last show and did a Psy Trance set.

Click here to download


01 Psypsiq Jicuri- Natural

02 Solar Gliders - Noradrenalina

03 Psypsiq Jicuri - La Dosis

04 Quantum On DNA - Triple Expresso

05 Electro Body - 12,000 B'Tus

06 Quantum On DNA - Prime Numbers

07 Smhug - Aliena

08 Quantum On DNA - Freak

09 A.X.L. - Dr LSD

10 Psypsiq Jicuri - A Rain Of Hope In The Galaxy

11 Quantum On DNA - Angel Of Light

Enjoy ;)

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Ah nice one! Just posted a second ago enquiring about this!

Downloading this, I'm always up for something different, such diverse mixes on this board. There's a couple that were really good and I would like to buy, I'll let you know which ones they were later :thumbsup:

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