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Bandwagon Jumpers

Max Kane

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Don't you just hate when people begin jumping on the bandwagon and pretending their into the flavour of the month? Though they have been (incredibly) popular for about the last 4 or 5 months i have been into The Arctic Monkeys for best part of a year having heard some demos through less than reputable sources.

So imagine my dissapointment when i go to queue for tickets for their show at the Wolves Civic and see every kind of person that shouldn't be at a rock n roll show in front of me, all this 3 hrs before tickets go on sale!

Turns out that i have no chance of obtaining a ticket unless i pay an obscene amount thru ebay or a tout, a disgrace! When i see people i know (and dislike) farther up the queue and ask them 'hey didn't think you were an arctic monkeys fan?' to which they reply 'no i'm gona sell the tickets and make a fortune', it really starts to get to me.

Rant over, :x

Any other bandwagons people have jumped on?

Prog House (back in about 2000)

The death of trance (1999 - present)

Garage (Total tripe in about 2000)

Brit Pop (mid 90's)

True fans and people that like the music fair play, people that have heard one song and quite like it so they get their uncle to queue not so fairly played and touts and general scum that sell for profit.... well don't get me started.

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Unfortunately, this is the down side to eBay. We're after tickets for T in The Park this summer. It sold out stupidly quickly last summer and since then they've been selling on eBay. The tickets haven't even been printed yet, and there's no line-up either. What's making it worse this year, is the lack of Glastonbury. Looks like a tout at the gate... :(

What really p1sses me off is corporatism at events (sporting, music, etc) We were lucky enough to get 2 x VIP passes to T in The Park in 2003 and 2004 (through Claire's work). Most of the people we HAD to meet up with (otherwise Claire would have got sacked!) just wanted to sit in the VIP area and drink (free) booze. Not bad, you might think. But personally I'd rather pop back for a free beer now and again, and actually watch some bands too.

The same happens at other large events. How many times do you see large boxes with people sitting eating 238-course meals and not see any of the game, but there's plenty of real fans that would happily pay to get in.

I appreciate that sponsorship pays its way well into sport/music/etc, and people expect freebies, but at least they could get involved in whatever they've got into for nowt :twisted:

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I guess it's similar when you have guestlist entry for a club - you and your mates are dead excited, are properly grateful for the free entry and are looking forward to really making the most of the night, with the intent on staying til the very end... yet theres always a few behind you in the same queue who you can tell aren't really interested in getting in for the whole experience, the atmosphere, or the music, they're just there cos its free. That annoys me.

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