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Nu-Crasher Tues 6th Feb


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Wow! thats a mint lineup for a midweek event, Menno de Jong is truly a legend in the making saw him at Gods last year and he blew the place apart, played Hammer & Bennett - Language (Nino Dub), then Mr Sam - Lyteo (Rank1 Rmx), followed by Darkside of the Moon to start.

Would like to Andy Moor aswell the productions he has been on lately are all class.

Have good 'un son 8-)

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What a night, what a night.......

absolutly belting tunage, here goes...

me and my mates all met at mine & higgzy's hosue and we drove to sheffield in 2 cars (the two guys driving eric & carl are from shefield). after a couple of stop offs to pick up some supplies we got to sheff to our other mates flat overlooking sheffield! We got sum booze on the go and sum tunes banging out!

We headed into sheffield earlyish and hit a few bars until we went in crasher for before 11 (to use our student discount for that cheap entry!!)

will holland was already on, and within about 30 mins the bpm must have gone from about 130 to 140, crazy, but got it proper pumping!

hardwick was on next, and tbh - i never have been overly impressed with hardwick, pretty boring to watch although the tunes were ok! half way through i went to the other room with higgzy and we found a chap called frase (off the anjuna forums) who was dj'ing in the backroom, so had a good chat with him and a dance there!

Back to Andy Moor in the main room - tunes he played i can remeber were 2 mixes of 'air for life', and tbh, im struggling after that - i will update if i remember!!!

Next tho was deffo the man of the night - menno de jong, he was loving it throughout - dancing about like a looney behind the decks!! He played a very tight set, my favourite of the night deffo - he played sum quality tunes - the reflekt bootleg by bart claessen, ferry corsten - fire (RVDB remix), another tune by RVDB, which i don't know but could tell it was by him, he also played that smuggling on flight 643 bootie which sounded awesome!! An ace sounding tune was played using the vocals from dark side of the moon and another tune, but i couldn;t remeber the other tune but it was mint! last 2 tunes he played were.....Marcel Woods - Advanced (nuff said!) and finally.....Push - Strange World (2000 Remake), totally blew us a way!!

ended up at the flat about 4ish, then didn't get to bed till about 6.30, and now im home, what a night and for only £5 to get in, can't argue with that!!


eric kicking of the comedy, nutter!


The boys! (well sum of us!)


Me & Hannah


the lasers, oh the lasers!!!


Got me t-shirt signed by menno de jong! top bloke!


Menno de jong


Menno in the mix


Menno again!


The Whole Crew!


Choppy, Carl, Me & Higgzy - WE LOVE TRANCE!!!


Reach for the lasers...


Hitting the laughing gas - always a good laugh!! (poor joke bjorn...)


Frase - top bloke, had a long chat with him!


Me & Frase


Higgzy, yes we know mate - thats a cdj...


Andy Moor boshing it out!


Eric, Me, Frase (dj) + Hannah


Whats gawwwwin onnn!!


Pretty cool pic of menno..


oh no, who gave carl that poster!!!


Erics off skiing....hmmm




No glassware higgs! read the sign!


Mr.Hardwick smashing it up


Me & choppy


Choppy looking scary happy.. :lol:


Lets play 'who wants the grape the most....' :roll:


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