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  1. Another 9hr set from Armin, sure to be an amazing night Went to one of the two 9hrs he did last year and was not dissapointed, every tune you could imagine wantin to hear in 9hrs was dropped, should be a belter.
  2. Mike Foyle is producing some class stuff, love the intro mix to this tune, also really into the Statica track he produced called 'For Your Eyes Only' Armin's signed this so it should be out maybe in a month
  3. Is a class tune mate, Too good for me to sell though sorry.
  4. ordered some more quality proggy stuff today, Harry Lemon - Tiga - Bandung Keo - Close Enough - Coldharbour Mike Foyle pres Statica - For Your Eyes Only - EE MOS - Bogatell - White
  5. Top stuff, lovin the tunage, shame they had people talkin over most of it! whats the need for jules interviewing surfers and other people over the top of tunes???
  6. Well what did we expect, G&D can do no wrong right now and this tune with Armin is possibly the best thing they've done since THAT remix of No One On Earth Check out the samples on chemical here.... The guitar is amazing can't wait to hear Armin play it at his 9hr set at gods in september!
  7. This tune is good, but personally i prefer fred when he's producing something banging such as MIB - Keep pushin or Dark Alliance - Genetic. The breakdown on Sunshine is quality tho.
  8. Anyone heard this yet? i.m.o its the worst thing he's ever done, absolute shocker. Terrible vocals and dire production, a far cry from 2004 when every single thing he did was amazing (Automanual, Loops n Tings etc). If his album is in the same mould as this utter tripe than marco has lost his way big time
  9. Heard this on Armin's July promo mix, its absolutely class, the vocal intro hits the spot then Eighties kicks in, Essential tunage!
  10. Just ordered five class new(ish) tunes. Am excited as i need to catch up on records havin been away for a while on holiday, Here's what i went for, Mr Sam - Lyteo - Maelstrom Peter Martin pres Anthanasia - Simply Blue - EE Hidden Logic pres Luminary - Wasting - Soundpiercing Rachel Starr - Til There Was You - Oxyd (Been meaning to get this since february but kept forgettin) Hammer & Bennet - Language - Supra. p.s all of these should feature in the next mix i'm doin which will hopefully be shared on this site again!
  11. Its gotta be clubbers guide to 99 as his best, the 2nd cd is still the best compilation cd i have ever owned. tunes of note were, atb - 9pm ( 6 months before it went commercial), mike koglin - the silence, yves deruyter - to the rhythmn and best of all hands burn - good shot, which i still play in my sets today. my top 3 1 - clubbers guide to '99 2 - clubbed 1 3 - clubbers guide to 2000.
  12. I went a couple of years ago with the lads, was class, Can't wait for jules' show should be a belter.
  13. Just heard via jule's diary report that he's gona be at bcm in magaluf on sat 16th of july! Class stuff for me as i land in palma, a few miles down the road but away from the scalleys, on the 12th. His show will also be live from the bar there, so listen out for tailey!!
  14. Out on monday on Positiva, so you can pick it up for about £4.
  15. Damn how do you get all of these promos so early? Closest i get to gettin things that quick is if i call threeshades up early on delivery day to reserve something. Lovin 'The Otherside' can't wait to get hold of that. Anyone know a release date?
  16. Yeh spoonerism it is! Would definately be up for the group mix idea i have a pretty good idea of how i could hook a cd up to my decks then mix into the vinly i use. Let me know any other details. Cheers, Bom/Tom.
  17. I think the decks are hooked up ok, once the tunes come in the buzz seems to go away. Cheers for all the positive feedback, much appreciated!
  18. Whats the new katana tune like? 'Pleasure island', it was armins tune of the week aswell so it has pedigree!
  19. Cheers to Tim for hosting this for me. Went for a nice proggy style throughout buildin it up gradually. Let me know what you think! To downloand... right click 'save target as' Tracklisting: 01. Interstate - 'I Found You' (AvB Intro) [Armind/Bandung] 02. Gabriel & Dresden - 'Arcadia' [Organized Nature] 03. Jose Amnesia vs Fedo - 'I Need You' (Dub Mix) [KYR] 04. Josh Gabriel - 'Alive' [Vandit] 05. Inkfish vs Martin H - 'Eye Am' (David West Remix) [baroque] 06. Yilmaz Altanhan - 'Eighties' (Ozgur Can Remix) [Anjunabeats] 07. Synergy - 'Hello Strings' [supra/Armind] 08. Above & Beyond - 'No-one On Earth' (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) [Anjunabeats] 09. Probspot - 'Blueberry' [Electronic Elements] 10. Ronski Speed - 'ic' [Euphonic/CD-R] 11. Tranquility Base - 'Surrender' - anjunabeats] Cheers, Tom
  20. Mickey Model - The Beach is on chemical records at the moment as a double a-side with the new electroheadz release.
  21. Anyone know closin date for this? it may be worth a go.
  22. The 'Hands on Keane' tune is a mash-up of 'The Last Time' made by Dutch producer (i think he's Dutch, maybe German) Martin Roth. I saw that everyone from Armin, Jules, PvD and Jon O'bir have been playin this on radio and at clubs, On PvD's radio tracklist it had the tune down as release on Gang Go records so that may get a release. Kuffdam & Plant - Summer Dream is coming out on Vandit (PvD's label) hopefully within the next couple of months complete with a pvd remix. Hope that helps.