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Coloursfest, Braehead Arena, Glasgow (ish)


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Updated 12 Feb 2006

As part of its 2006 activites in Scotland, Radio 1 is making its first trip to Coloursfest.

Now its 6th year Coloursfest is Scotland's biggest dance festival with 10,000 clubs filling the six arenas. We'll be broadcasting live from Coloursfest with Judge Jules, Fergie and the Essential Mix on Saturday 3 June.

Plus, we'll have our own Radio 1 outdoor stage where Jules will be broadcasting his show live.

Line Up

Radio 1 presents Colours & Inside Out

Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Judge Jules, Fergie, Eddie Halliwell, Marco V, Simon Foy


Timo Maas, Seb Fontaine, David Guetta, Satoshi Tomeii, Sebastian Ingrosso, Mark Knight

Hed Kandi

Andy Norman, Paul Wilkins, Luke Nevile, Damien Wilson, Jon Mancinim, Iain Boney Clark, Michael Paterson, Pav on Percussion


Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Andy Farley, Mark EG, Scott Brown, Breeze & Styles, Marc Smith, Sharkey, Jason Cortez

Back to the Future

The Bassheads, Q.F.X, Ultrasonic, Ruffneck, Ophidian, MC Sneaky Eye, Slipmatt, Bass Generator, Obsession, Joe Deacon, Billy Reid, MC Madman

Radio 1 Outdoor Stage

Judge Jules (live 7.00 - 9.00), Fergie, Eddie Halliwell

Plus much more to be announced.

Event Details

Coloursfest is at Braehead Arena and Waterfront, Renfrew, Glasgow.

On Saturday 3 June from 17.00 until 04.00.

Ticket Details

Tickets are £32.00 plus booking fee until 31 March.

Then they go up to £39.50 plus booking fee thereafter.

Not sure how they're gonna fit 10,000 clubs into 6 arenas :lol:

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Not sure how they're gonna fit 10,000 clubs into 6 arenas :lol:

haha, remember you pointing that one out Steve! Good effort if they tried though :)

Might buy a couple of tickets in anticipation for this. Chrissie this one might be a bit too much of a trek I think!

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Stolen from jj.net. Not sure on the accuracy, but here goes anyway...

Radio 1 Outdoor Stage

5.00-6.15 Gio Ferri

6.15-7.30 Eddie Halliwell

7.30-9.00 Judge Jules

9.00-11.00 Dave Pearce

Main Arena

6.00-7.00 Simon Foy

7.00-8.00 Sander Van Doorn

8.00-9.30 Fergie

9.30-10.30 Eddie Halliwell

10.30-12.30 Armin Van Buuren

12.30-2.30 Paul Van Dyk

2.30-4.00 Judge Jules

Type Arena

6.00-7.00 Mark Knight

7.00-8.00 Steve Angello

8.00-9.00 Sebastian Ingrosso

9.00-10.30 Satoshi Tomeii

10.30-12.00 David Guetta

10.00-2.00 Seb Fontaine

2.00-4.00 Timo Mass

Hed Kandi

6.00- 7.00 Michael Paterson

7.00-8.00 Iain 'Boney' Clark

8.00-9.30 Jon Mancini

9.30-11.00 Luke Neville

11.00-12.30 Damian Wilson

12.30- 2.00 Andy Norman

2.00-4.00 Paul Wilkins

Extreme Euphoria

6.00-7.30 Jason Cortez

7.30-9.30 Lee Haslam

9.30-10.00 Tidy Boys

10.00-11.00 Andy Farley

11.00-12.00 Mark EG

12.00-1.00 Anne Savage

1.00-2.00 Breeze and Styles

2.00-3.00 Mark Smith

3.00-4.00 Sharkey


6.00-6.45 Rob da rhythm

6.45-7.30 Joey Riot

7.30-8.10 Pulsator

8.10-8.45 Loki

8.45-9.00 Obsession

9.00-9.15 The Bassheads live

9.15-10.05 Joe Deacon

10.05-10.50 Bill Reid and MC Riddler

10.50-11.20 QFX live

11.20-12.10 Slipmatt

12.10-1.00 Bass Generator

1.00-1.30 Ultrasonic live

1.30-2.20 Ophidian

2.20-3.20 Ruffneck and MC Sneaky Eye

3.20-4.00 Obsesssion and MC Madman

Not too much moving between arenas required then 8-)

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Tom you really have it in for Fergie, lol!!

I'm definitely travelling up for this now - my last exam is the day before so it'll be a heavy (and expensive) weekend, no doubt! Cheers for the ticket Steve, I'll pay you on the day - maybe partly in beers :thumbsup:

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I don't really have it in for him, i mean i can respect DJs and the people that like their music, it's just that i fail to see how promoters can continue to book him on trance lineups. The guy plays minimal squelchy techno which people may like and certain trance people may like but it would just completely kill the atmoshpere for me. Whenever i've seen him playing on a trance bill things have gone flat and the place has emptied.

The only time i've enjoyed seeing him play was in the Nitrogen room at Gods, he played his own sound and had DJs like Paul Thomas & Misstress Barbara playing similarly too.

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Tom you really have it in for Fergie, lol!!

You would have too if you hadn't puffed out at the Gods' Metro Arena event last November :lol: Fergie completely killed the atmosphere and like Tom says, he should never be on trance line-ups :(

So the e-mix won't be live then if the set times list is correct :? :(

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So the e-mix won't be live then if the set times list is correct :?  :(

That's what i've heard, but dnt know how they plan on doing it, Am sure i read somewhere that R1 are live right the way through with Westwood being the only time they won't be live.

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Armin uses Ableton Live to do the ASOT Year Mix and also to mix compilations, used live it basically allows DJs to re-edit tracks live and slice parts out to put over other tunes and generally mess around with. Sasha loves it, Adam Sheridan has been using it & Gabriel & Dresden have been on it for a while

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