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Judgement Euphoria


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New Judge Jules mix album with Eddie Halliwell & The Trophy Twins out on the 25th July.


CD One - Judge Jules

1. JDS - Jump Around

2. DJ Jose -Stepping To The Beat

3. Signalrunners - 3000 Miles Away

4. Jan Loper - I Can’t Stop (Dynamic Sense Remix)

5. Judge Jules & BK - Seizure (BK & Jules’ Ibizan Edit

6. York Feat. Angelina - Iceflowers (Aly & Fila Remix)

7. Modulation - Sky (K-System Remix)

8. Nic Chagall Presents Encee - I Don´t Know

9. Judge Jules Feat. Amanda O’Riordan - Without Love

10. Randy Katana - Pleasure Island

11. Scott Mac - Watchin’ You

12. Dogzilla - Without You

13. 4 Strings - Sunrise

14. Jowan - Pt-78

15. Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony (Deserves An Effort Remix)

CD Two - Eddie Halliwell

1. Cirez D - Teaser

2. Douglas - Douglas

3. Umek - Overtake & Command

4. Valentino Kanzyani - Nueva York

5. DJ Electro One - Beata From Krakow

6. Anderson Noise - Noiser

7. Abel Ramos - Aquarius (Randy Katana Remix)

8. John Askew - Blackout

9. Inertia - The Chamber

10. Marc van Linden & Sandra Flyn - Laatzen

11. Nick Touch - Uh

12. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee - Close Your Eyes

13. The Brattice - Brett_Pitch

14. Quartz - Alphabet Q (Quartz Remix)

15. Beyond Unreal - Rhythm

16. Marco V - More Than A Life Away (Dj Preach Mix)

17. Anton x - Cancun

18. Fred Baker - Total Blackout

19. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Marcel Woods Remix)

20. Dark Alliance - Genetic (Eddie’s Essential 3 Deck Edit)

CD Three - The Trophy Twins

1. Roog & Greg - Über

2. Trix - Rise Up

3. Vandal - Mad as Hell (Audiofly Remix)

4. RHP - Freakin’ Me

5. Jose Nunez - Lust 4 U

6. Future Funk - Wildberry Tracks (Trophy Twins & Funkagenda Remix)

7. Axwell - Feel The Vibe (‘Til The Morning Comes)

8. Paul Harris - Watching Fallin Stars

9. Coburn - We Interrupt This Program

10. Trophy Twins - Dutty Rhythm

11. Chris Lake - Electro Retro

12. Ramsay - Dirty Delicious

13. Trophy Twins - Ill Experience

14. D Drive & Funkagenda - Square Funkin

15. Deepgroove - Drum Honey

Looks pretty decent! At last a compilation released this year that is worthwhile.

All 3 cd's look minted with tunes, especially Eddie's! Good to see Jules putting some of his own productions on there. Some cracking rares on there at the mo!

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Dark Alliance - Genetic (Eddie’s Essential 3 Deck Edit)


What is all this about? Looks mental....

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Apart from his own Bosh mix cd (especially the second 1), I have not noticed Halliwell doing his tricks etc on cds. I read once that he tries to make a distinctive difference in cds from playing live. I think he once said "DJ's who can only make mix cds cannot play live" and vica versa.

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i'd heard of him once before, before i saw on this night - i hadn't gone to see him tho - jules, eddie, scott bond and matt hardwick!!!

but he was as poo as poo is poo - a few peopl have told me he's a good dj, i thought he was absoloute pants!

aparrently he's supposed to be an up and coming big name - i don't think so! :lol:

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Euphoria started off excellently, and then got Dave Pearce on board for a few albums and crammed in the tracks!! I much prefer having less edited down tracks and more quality tunes, mostly why I have gone off Ministry (well apart from the scouse house s*** that they put on - another major factor why I don't buy them any more).

I just got the feeling that with 20 tracks on his Cd, Eddie might be zipping around with them a bit.

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think i might go see dp at gg...........NOT! I bet its sum rediculous option like armin van buuren or dave pearce....which one u gonna choose???!

Chavs go to pearcey, serious trancers - u know where 2 go!

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here u go mate:-

Radio 1 Schedule

Friday 29th July

6-9pm - Pete Tong's Essential Selection

Live from Radio 1 Stage

Guests DJs - 2manyDJs, Max Graham and more.

Saturday 30th July

7-9pm - Judge Jules

Live from Radio 1 Stage with Tiesto and PA's from Lil Love and Above & Beyond

11pm-12am - Fergie

Live from backstage with special guests

12am-5am - Essential Mix

Live from Radio 1 Stage & recorded highlights

Extended to 5 hours with DJ sets from Pete Tong, John Digweed, Roger Sanchez, Paul Van Dyk and Fergie

i'll be recording from 7 on saturday for as long as i can!

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Cheers, Chris. I'll go for 7.30-9 as usual. Hopefully catch Tiesto in that as well as A&B. Tapes just aren't long enough sometimes! Although, this boat trip finishes at 12, so it'll be good to come back and put it on. (Not that I'll remember about it at the time!)

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