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2000-05-26 - Judge Jules, Studio Session (last 85 mins)


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2000-05-26 - Judge Jules, Studio Session (last 85 mins)

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 26th May 2000

09.00pm - 11.00pm


*01. Lil Louis vs Josh Wink - 'French Kiss (So How's Your Evening So Far?)' [FFRR]

*02. Karin De Ponti - 'Hypnobounce' (Jasmin Mix) [Nukleuz]

*03. SuReal - 'You Take My Breath Away' [Cream]

*04. Matt Darey pres. Marcella Woods - 'Beautiful' [Incentive]

*05. Jeffed - 'Dragon' [Pssst Music]

*06. Floorgasm - 'Have A Nice Day' (Unknown Mix) [Closet Records]

*07. Skip Raiders feat. Jada - 'Just Another Day' (Brainbug Mix) [Perfecto]

08. Hi-Gate - 'Voices' [incentive]

09. The Porn Headquarters - 'Soft Pleasure' (Our Business EP) [Primary Recordings]

10. Gee Moore Presents Es Vedra - 'Gimme More' [Nukleuz]

11. Freefall feat. Jan Johnston - 'Skydive (I Feel Wonderful)' [incentive]

12. Franchino - '999' [Nukleuz]

13. A.M.P - 'You've Got To Believe In Something' [Pure Records]

14. MG 2 - 'Mehlstaub' [Staub]

15. Hi-Gate - 'We're Gonna Work It Out' [Incentive]

16. Jonah - 'Ssst... (Listen)' (Pants & Corset Remix) [Universal Licensing Music]

17. Patrick F - 'Screamer' [Rosenberg Entertainment Inc]

18. 4 Strings - 'Day Time' (Gizeh Remix) [Liquid Records]

19. Marc Et Claude - 'I Need Your Lovin' (Dark Moon Remix) [Positiva]


Half Hour Mix

19. Kayestone - 'Atmosphere' (Kayestone's Re-Con Mix) [Distinct'ive]

20. Mark Tyler - 'Trash Compacter' [No Entry]

21. Major League - 'Wonder' [Captivating Sounds]

22. Cosmic Kid - 'Cosmic Meltdown' [Camouflage]

23. Modem - 'Contact (We Gotta Connect)' [Clockwork]

24. Yomanda - 'On The Level' [Manifesto]


*These tracks sadly did not survive. Please contact us if you have the missing parts of this set. Thank you.



85min file submitted by MrG

30min hotmix submitted by Neuro.

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Loved this mix until Modem's Contact, 'fraid early morning alarm sounds coupled with Darlek groans (was gonna put something a bit more graphic but had second thoughts) don't float my boat; although it did pick up with Yomanda at the end.

Will give it more of a listen.....

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Gotta agree with Chewbains on this one - it is Jules though remember so you've always got to expect the unexpected! :mrgreen:

21. Major League - 'Wonder' [Captivating Sounds]

Major League is actually DJ Tiesto and Armin van Buuren teaming up - wicked track. Along with Kayestone they're the best tracks in this mix.

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